2011 Expansion Draft List: Portland Timbers

2011 Expansion Draft List: Portland Timbers

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 25, 2011
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John Spencer could have few decisions to make about his protection list if his owner's words are true. (Getty Images)

This could easily be one of the easier draft lists that I do. Why? The Timbers owner Merritt Paulson said recently on Twitter that the Timbers and the Montreal Impact have an agreement in place for the Impact not to pick anyone from the Timbers roster.

The tweet has not been removed by Paulson, but the fact is that current Timbers midfielder Ryan Pore has been training with the Impact for the last month or so. Side deals like that probably happen more than we know in MLS. Its possible that Pore could just be selected in the draft as part of an agreement between the two sides.

Whatever the case, the list for them almost seems easy to make anyways.

To recap, I’ve already looked at Chivas USA, the New England Revolution, the San Jose EarthquakesToronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft, to read more about them click here.

Protected List: 

1. Diego Chara – Their DP midfielder and one of their internationals.

2. Jack Jewsbury – Captain Jack had probably his best season to date this year.

3. Kenny Cooper – Big contract guy but one that they’ll hold on to here.

4. Eric Brunner – One of their better defenders from this season. Plus, he’s fairly cheap.

5. Troy Perkins – Their main man between the sticks.

6. Rodney Wallace – A young, international for the club.

7. Lovel Palmer – The Jamaican came over from Houston in the middle of the season, I’d expect him to be a part of this club in 2012.

8. Kalif Alhassan – Another international player that will be protected.

9. Sal Zizzo – Cheap, solid and one that could be a big part of their club in 2012.

10. Mike Chabala – A John Spencer-guy, a decent defender who is also a fairly cheap one as well.

11. Mamadou Danso – At times he was a big target on set pieces for the Timbers in 2011.

Home Grown/Generation adidas players:

  • Darlington Nagbe
Unprotected Players:
  • Kevin Goldthwaite
  • Peter Lowry
  • Bright Dike
  • Eddie Johnson
  • David Horst
  • James Marcelin
  • Jorge Perlaza
  • Eric Alexander
  • Ryan Pore
  • Rodrigo Lopez
  • Jake Gleeson
  • Adin Brown
  • Steve Purdy
  • Brian Umony
  • Chris Taylor
  • Freddie Braun
  • Spencer Thompson


Again, Paulson said no Timber would be selected but even if he was just saying that because of a deal between the Timbers and the Impact, it will likely be Ryan Pore. Naturally we’ll know more once it comes time for the draft, a trade could happen between the two – which could nullify any need for an expansion draft list from this club.

Even if the two sides didn’t have an agreement in place for Pore, I wouldn’t have too many issues making this list. Portland is still a fairly young team with some key players that are vital to their growth.

Thoughts? Issues? Let’s hear it.


  • Oct 25 2011
Gleeson won't be unprotected...I also expect that jewsbury could be traded (he and chara aren't the best combo). But yeah expect Pore to head north if anyone.
    Drew Epperley
    • Oct 25 2011
    It really doesn't matter in the end with regards to what Paulson said and the agreement he has with Montreal. Pore is likely going north so the rest of the list is really just a formality for the Timbers. Also, why would the Timbers trade their MVP? That makes no sense. Jewsbury was a big part of this team's success this season.
      • Oct 25 2011
      Because Jewsbury's second half of the season was average at best, he's over 30, but because of his good first half of the season and the All Star nod, his trade value is likely somewhat high and most certainly will never be this high again.  Buy low, sell high.  Besides, Chara is the clear main guy in central mid going forward.
        • Oct 25 2011
        He had hamstring problems the second half of the season.
        Timber Danny
        • Oct 25 2011
        People saying Captain Jack will be traded don't know anything about the Timbers end of story.  
          • Oct 25 2011
          Danny, what's your opinion of Brian Winters?
          • Oct 26 2011
          Well played, Mom. I would still be very surprised if Captain Jack was traded away.  He is very much the leader of the team both on and off the pitch.
          • Oct 26 2011
          Well played, Mom. I would still be very surprised if Captain Jack was traded away.  He is very much the leader of the team both on and off the pitch.
  • Oct 25 2011
Lovell Palmer? Ick!!!
  • Oct 25 2011
I agree that Gleeson will be protected. I would protect him over Palmer and Chabala who I believe are ideally second stringers for the Timbers. They had a deal for right back Kerrea Gilbert fall through just prior to the start of last season. I have a strong feeling that they will look to make an upgrade at that position in the offseason. I also think Zizzo will be left exposed because of his recent knee surgery. I could see Marcelin  protected here as well. 
  • Oct 25 2011
I'd be surprised if Wallace was protected...but a deal is already in place and Pore is going to Montreal.
  • Oct 25 2011
Perkins, Brunner, Chara, Zizzo, Alhassan, Gleeson, Jewsbury, Cooper, Horst, Perlaza, Dike. There are five key players on the Timbers: Perkins, Brunner, Chara, Zizzo, and Nagbe.  Alhassan and Gleeson are very young and have the potential to be key players, so they're level two.  Beyond those seven, the rest are at least replaceable.  Jewsbury and Cooper make the protected list because their value is higher than letting go for nothing, but both will be shopped around as trade bait. Those on your list that shouldn't be: Wallace, Palmer, Chabala, Danso.
  • Oct 27 2011
I'd take Perlaza given the chance.
  • Oct 28 2011
How many minutes has Nagbe played? How do you know that he won't graduate from GA at the end of this year and lose his protected status?
    Drew Epperley
    • Oct 28 2011
    It's possible, probably 50-50 that he would. He logged a little over 1600 minutes this season. Sometimes that is enough to graduate, sometimes it isn't. My bet is he'll get another season in the program.