2011 Expansion Draft List: Toronto FC

2011 Expansion Draft List: Toronto FC

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 24, 2011
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Toronto has the building blocks for a strong 2012, who will they leave unprotected though for Montreal to pick from? (Getty Images)

Toronto FC had what you could easily call an up and down year. First year manager Aron Winter came in and cleaned house a bit – which caused for plenty of early season losses. The defense never really got going and the offense struggled at times. But in the middle of the year the transfer window opened and so did the roster again. Trade after trade and signing after signing changed the Reds for the better.

Now the club heads into the winter break hoping to keep the momentum up from their group stage victory over Dallas in the Champions League. The Canadian champions head in to the knockout round of the CCL next spring but first they’ll have to tackle the expansion draft.

To recap, I’ve already looked at Chivas USA, the New England Revolution, the San Jose Earthquakes and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft, to read more about them click here.

Protected List:

1. Tortsen Frings – One of their DPs, it will be interesting to see if he has a no-trade clause or not though.

2. Danny Koevermans – Another DP, vital to their attack for 2012.

3. Ryan Johnson – He’s been a good addition to their attack since coming over from San Jose.

4. Joao Plata – I think had he played a little more this season and scored a couple more goals in league play, he would have been a top candidate for Rookie of the Year.

5. Richard Eckersley – On loan from Burnley, could be back for 2012. Probably have to protect him regardless though because of that loan status.

6. Stefan Frei – When healthy he is one of the best keepers in MLS.

7. Terry Dunfield – A Canadian leader in the midfield, another guy that is good when healthy.

8. Adrain Cann – Again, another Canadian that must be protected.

9. Nick Soolsma – The Dutch attacker has been solid at times this season for the Reds.

10. Eric Avila – Young midfielder that could be key for their attack in 2012.

11. Andy Iro – Settled in decently for the Reds in the back.

Home Grown/Generation adidas players:

  • Doneil Henry
  • Ashton Morgan
  • Nicholas Lindsey
  • Oscar Cordon
  • Matt Stinson
  • Keith Makubuya

Unprotected Players:

  • Demistrius Omphroy
  •  Julian De Guzman
  • Nathan Sturgis
  • Elbekay Bouchiba
  • Mikael Yourassowsky
  • Ty Harden
  • Leandre Griffit
  • Danleigh Borman
  • Matt Gold
  • Gianluca Zavarise
  • Kyle Davies
  • Dicoy Williams
  • Javier Martina
  • Eddy Viator
  • Peri Marosevic
  • Milos Kocic


The two protected DPs could be the tricky part here. If both end up not having the no-trade clause you could easily see them exposed here to save guys like Marosevic, Yourassowsky, Martina or Borman. De Guzman wasn’t protected last season and I believe it will be like that again this year. This team has plenty of talent that needs protected here, and plenty of Canadians that need protection as well.

They could protect two keepers in the end as well since Kocic played a number of quality minutes for them down the stretch this season.

  • MrTuktoyaktuk

    Unfortunately Plata is not eligible for RotY, played 7 games on LDU Quito’s senior squad in 2010. If he were eligible, he would be a strong candidate – 3 goals, 5 assists, 21 starts, over 1700 minutes. Getting his loan extended is one of the primary tasks for the TFC FO during the off seasons, along with Eckersley. Paul Mariner said recently that things were proceeding well on that front.

    • Very true, forgot about all of that. Excellent point.