Detroit and Las Vegas Putting Pressure On New York For Expansion Spot

Detroit and Las Vegas Putting Pressure On New York For Expansion Spot

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 20, 2011
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We’ve talked a lot on here about the 20th Major League Soccer franchise being in New York City. The league has stated on several occasions that they want the club in the Big Apple. But there are a couple cities around the country that are hoping to cash in on the 20th franchise and jump in ahead of a potential New York club.

Both Detroit and Las Vegas have people in place that are aggressively (at least in some ways) trying to lock down stadium situations for a potential club.

In Detroit, the owners of the Silverdome recently said they could have their stadium renovated for soccer in time for the 2014 season. Their plan includes tearing the roof off the Silverdome and building a 30,000-seat facility atop a concert hall and an indoor sports facility. Yeah, their plan is crazy but it could work given the right amount of time and money.

“[BC Place] is like a mini-Silverdome,” Apostolopoulos said. “After seeing that, I have no doubt that we can pull this off.”

In a way they are right.

Over in Sin City, the city of Henderson gave approved the earliest stages of a planned $1 billion development that would potentially include a soccer stadium.

Folks the heat is starting to turn up a notch.

The thing is both potential cities aren’t exactly in the 20th club vision the league has stated here. There is little doubt that if either stadium deal were in New York that we would be talking about the 20th club today kicking off in 2013 or whatever – instead we’re left wondering the what ifs.

However, saying this is a good thing. The folks in New York need some steam behind them with other cities on their tail. For a while they had been the ‘it’ city for the league and really had no competition to deal with. If these two cities continue to turn up the heat on MLS, it is only a good thing in my mind.



  • Oct 20 2011
They won't stop at 20.  They shouldn't, either.  MLS isn't full until it has 2 divisions, and about 60 clubs.
  • Oct 21 2011
Didn't Garden City on Long Island put out a soccer stadium plan this week for Nassau Stadium? I thought that was Cosmos related?