2011 Expansion Draft List: San Jose Earthquakes

2011 Expansion Draft List: San Jose Earthquakes

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 20, 2011
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Who will be saved and who will be left unprotected for San Jose? (Getty Images)

I am back on the expansion draft list bandwagon this afternoon. I’ve been working here and there this week on compiling several club’s lists. Currently I am only working on teams that are eliminated from playoff contention – though next week we’ll have plenty more as teams fail to advance in the post season will be up to eight and then up to 12 when the wildcard round ends.

To recap, I’ve already looked at the New England Revolution and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Today, we are headed west to take a look at the San Jose Earthquakes.

Keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft, to read more about them click here.

Protected List:

1. Chris Wondolowski – Their MVP and top scorer, no sense in leaving him open.

2. Simon Dawkins – One of their few internationals (gotta protect a certain amount here!), he’s been solid for them this season.

3. Nana Attakora – He’s Canadian, gotta protect him. Just seems logical.

4. Khari Stephenson – Another international that will get protection.

5. Jon Busch – A solid keeper in this league, pretty underrated really.

6. Stephen Lenhart – A decent goal scorer when healthy. He seems like a guy Montreal’s Jesse Marsch would like coaching.

7. Steven Beitashour – Young, cheap defender. Definitely one to hold on to.

8. Sam Cronin – He’s settled in well in San Jose, can’t see him getting unprotected here.

9. Joey Gjestsen – He was on the Impact’s USL roster a couple years ago and he was protected last season.

10. Rafeal Boca – Another one of those internationals that they have to proect.

11. Jason Hernandez – A veteran that was protected last season over a couple guys. I think he gets protected again.

Home Grown/Generation adidas Players exempt:

  • Ike Opara
  • David Bingham

Unprotected list:

  • Bobby Burling
  • Chris Leitch
  • Brad Ring
  • Scott Sealy
  • Ramiro Corrales
  • Andrew Weber
  • Maxwell Griffin
  • Justin Morrow
  • Alan Gordon
  • Jacob Peterson
  • Tim Ward
  • Anthony Ampaipitakwong
  • Ellis McLoughlin
  • Andre Luiz
  • Matt Luzunaris
  • Bobby Convey

Notes: This was a tricky team due to the number of internationals that they have on the roster. I had a couple guys written down as protected at first like Beitashour and Burling but then realized neither were protected last year over guys like Hernandez. You really could make your case either way for those guys over someone like Hernandez or even over Convey.

A lot could depend on if Frank Yallop and John Doyle are running this show after this season. It seems like neither are leaving at this point – even though they both probably need to go for this club to have a turnaround next year. If they both go then you could easily see other guys like I mentioned get protected here.

EDIT: Just read the report that Convey is leaving after this year or at least saying he won’t be back. So Convey is out, Beitashour in.

  • Ned Smitty

    That’s a lot of guys who have started at some point this season being left available.  Of course it comes down to who other teams leave open, but I could see Burling or maybe Leitch being taken.  Gotta wonder about Amp…, but I haven’t seen him play enough.

  • QuakeFan

    Sadly, looks like Bobby Convey won’t be back next year.  http://www.mercurynews.com/earthquakes/ci_19157386?source=rss 

    Just another sign of the mess Frank Yallop is helping to cause in San Jose. I never wanted to admit it before but it seems like Dominic Kinnear was more a part of San Jose’s success than I previously believed. Between the two of them, only one had success apart from the other.

    • Thanks for the link. Had no idea about this to be honest and I wrote this list up a couple days ago (mistake on my part I suppose). Got this updated now. 

  • Convey is Montreal bound. Why wouldn’t Marsch take him? He can create a new contract when he gets there.

    • It would be a gamble for Marsch. Convey makes somewhere in the neighborhood of $300k a year, not many expansion clubs want to pay that through the expansion draft.

  • Anonymous

    Bobby Burling…MLS 1.0 All Star

  • FR 1;P;1tqblgab.k

    Meh, Ampai will probably get snatched, or Morrow. They have seen Griffin play, and Weber used to play for the USL Impact. BTW, its Rafael Baca