2011 Expansion Draft List: New England Revolution

2011 Expansion Draft List: New England Revolution

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 17, 2011
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New England has some tough decisions to make in regards to the expansion draft. (Getty Images)

It may be the final week of the season but we are moving on in the 2011 Expansion Draft lists here. I’ve already covered the Vancouver Whitecaps and now I will tackle another club that is out of contention – the New England Revolution.

The Revs have struggled a lot this season and will likely be in rebuilding mode yet again this winter. It will be interesting to see if Steve Nicol keeps his job as head coach or if this will be the year he and the club part ways.

Either way here are the 11 players I see getting the protection stamp placed on them.

1. Kevin Alston – Young, talented defender that Montreal’s Jesse Marsch would probably take in a heartbeat if he were available.

2. Darrius Barnes – Kind of in the same boat as Alston. Quality defender, cheap and worth taking if available.

3. Milton Caraglio – Their lone DP, he’ll be saved no matter what.

4. Benny Feilhaber – Expensive sure, but he is too valuable to this club as long as he remains in MLS. Pretty sure Marsch would take him if he were available – even at his crazy $300k salary.

5. AJ Soares – Another young, cheap defender that has to be kept.

6. Sainey Nyassi – He was saved last year and his international status will likely save him again.

7. Rajko Lekic – He’s pricy at $275k but he’s an international that you have to save.

8. Ryan Guy – Another cheap player, I can see him being a part of this club next season.

9. Franco Coria – International, he’s gonna get saved.

10. Bobby Shuttlesworth – He’s the younger of the two keepers and for that I’m saving him over Matt Reis.

11. Shalrie Joseph – Okay, let me explain this one. You have to save him even if this is his last year with the Revs (he stated it would be earlier this year). For one you don’t want to just give him up for nothing here in the expansion draft. If anything, you get rid of him via a trade (depending on his contract of course).

Protected list due to GA or Home Grown Status:

  • Diego Fagundez

Exposed List:

  • Matt Reis
  • Zach Schilawski
  • Zak Boggs
  • Chris Tierney
  • Kheli Dube
  • Otto Loewy
  • Kenny Mansally
  • Alan Koger
  • Monsef Zerka
  • Andrew Sousa
  • Stephen McCarthy
  • Pat Phalen
  • Ryan Kinne
  • Tim Murry
  • Ryan Cochrane

Notes: Okay, the Revs are tricky because they have quite a few guys that they could just get rid of right now. Being the worst club in the league this season (it’s still possible if they don’t win their final game this weekend) means you need to blow up the roster a bit. You could make the case to save Cochrane, Reis, Phalen, McCarthy, or someone else but really, if you lose them it isn’t a huge deal in the end. It will be interesting to see which internationals they do save – as you do have to save a certain amount.

As far as saving one keeper of the other, it really comes down to who they value more. I know Reis has been there forever but he also makes close to $200k – something an expansion club will likely stay away from. I can see Montreal going after a foreign keeper as it is anyways. I just had a hunch about that. Last year the Revs saved both Reis and Shuttlesworth, mostly because there were two clubs picking. With only one doing the picking this season, they can afford to put one on the unprotected list. If it were me, I’d place them both on there and save someone else. But again, that is just me.

  • Surprised to see Chris Tierney on your unprotected list. 

    • Honestly, I went back and forth on him. It could come down to how they handle Joseph too, if they know they aren’t going to get anything for him then they’ll unprotect him and then Tierney would be saved. That’s the interesting situation to look at right now with New England.

  • Anonymous

    IF, big IF, Nicol stays, then Tierney and McCarthy get protected.  I think Nyassi has been given enough chances and will be left unprotected.  Possibly the same for Barnes, who was underwhelming, if versatile.

    • Things to consider though, they have to protect a certain number of internationals. I have them holding on to five, that could be one too many depending on green card status (there are a couple I’m not sure of). But you are right, if it is one too many then Tierney would get protected in my opinion over Nyassi.

  • Kraemer535

    Montreal would be dumb not to grab Zerka if he’s left unprotected.  He has shown some real quality over the last half of the season.