Issues In The Mile High City

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 13, 2011
  • Gary Smith, Paul Bravo

At one point this season I thought about having Gary Smith on my coaching hot seat list but a midseason turnaround kind of killed that thought for me. Turns out, we could be close to him leaving Colorado anyways. He and TD Paul Bravo are apparently not on the same page these days. In a way I wonder if this could have something to do with Smith staying behind for one of the Rapids CCL games on the road. This could definitely be an interesting situation for the coming weeks. Should the team somehow crash out of the playoff picture (unlikely, but still possible), a change will likely happen. Only way to save the marriage is probably another MLS Cup win - again unlikely given the way the Rapids are and how many games most of their key guys have played this season.

Issues In The Mile High City
  • MrTuktoyaktuk

    Paging Frank Klopas! Get GS on your speed dial ASAP.