MLS Expansion: Detroits Wild Plans

MLS Expansion: Detroits Wild Plans

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 7, 2011
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We’ve heard about the possibility of a Major League Soccer team in Detroit for some time now. We’ve even heard that the folks who bought the Silverdome have already applied for an expansion team. Now today we’re finally seeing what their wild renovation plans may actually look like.

So, uh, yeah. There it is folks. The Silverdome with a soccer field, concert hall and a basketball arena.

I still admit, I will have to see this to believe it but if they can pull it off, good on them. I won’t go into Detroit as a MLS market right now but it is good to see other places at least trying right now with stadiums in place and at least some kind of plan. They may not be sexy as other cities to expand to but down the road if this project gets done it may not be the worst idea.

One final thought, would the club be called Detroit FC? The image has ‘DFC’ in the stands. Very interesting.

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    I think MLS needs to start thinking big (MLS 3.0!) , and see where this growing demand could take them.  My preference has always been an internal promotion/relegation.   Once this new tv contract firmly establishes the league, be bold.

    My proposal – after NY Cosmos, take a shot with MLS 2.  Bring in San Diego, Las Vegas, Detroit, Minneapolis, Ottawa, Edmonton, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, San Antonio, a Carolina team (pick your city), another Ohio team (Cleveland/Cincy) and/or any other market worth a gamble.  Put the full weight of MLS behind it.  Give it a 4-5 year stability period where there is no movement.  Then open it up where the bottom team in each conference drops down, and two come up.  The smaller, less viable markets simply wouldn’t make the leap up, so they could enjoy career D2 status with an occasional foray into the top flight.  Good teams would rise, and bad would fall.  And maybe then a Kraft might give a damn about my darling Revs.  Humiliation is a strong motivator. 

    • Wild plans, honestly, MLS couldn’t be bold like this for another 20-30 years. The money isn’t there and won’t be there anytime soon.

  • Guest

    I really like your idea of relegation in MLS. Smaller markets in the Premiership (QPR, Swansea, Wigan, etc) are excited just to be in top flight football. They obviously want to win the prem (Who doesn’t?) but for them to finish top 10 and stay in top flight for many years is considered a huge success. I love that model. Unfortunately, I do not think it would fly in most cities in America. Some cities (Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, etc) would still support and adore their team if they were relegated, but I honestly do not think many other fanbases would. If the NY Redbulls were relegated, I guarantee they would lose at least 25% of fans. Football is just not popular enough yet. It has a passionate fanbase, but it’s small and nichy. Bandwagon fans would jump of just too damn quick. Like I said however, I would love if that happened in America, so don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t believe it’s feasible.