Possible Changes Coming To USOC Format?

Possible Changes Coming To USOC Format?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 5, 2011
  • 2012 US Open Cup, Features

It sounds like the USSF is tired of people like me and other bloggers beating the dead horse about the US Open Cup format. The Sporting News’ Brian Straus is reporting that the USSF could propose a new format that does away with the current qualifying round for MLS clubs and it could see the end of the bidding process.

Under the proposal being discussed by MLS and U.S. Soccer officials, all 16 U.S.-based MLS clubs would enter the competition together at an earlier stage, likely the round-of-32. There, they would play 16 survivors from the minor and amateur leagues. It is unclear whether MLS teams would be kept apart in the draw, as they are now, or be allowed to face each other immediately.

The qualification system would end, forcing each MLS entrant to win five matches, rather than four, to claim the title.

I doubt the bidding will really go away anytime soon but hearing that the MLS qualifying round is certainly a positive thing to hear. There is no reason why all 16 US-based MLS clubs shouldn’t be in the main bracket as it is. Hopefully this will get teams to care a little more about this tournament.