We’ve seen this before, at least somewhere. A player goes a little bat-sh*t crazy on someone. It happened again last night with Real Salt Lake’s Kyle Beckerman on Chicago Fire midfielder Daniel Paladini.

Beckerman, who was enjoying a very strong MVP-like season until his head butt on Paladini last night. The foul itself was clearly some emotions that could have been handled better by the official for a foul that apparently wasn’t called on Paladini.

Thankfully for Beckerman he didn’t severely injure Paladini. But given the league’s history this season with suspensions for rough fouls on players like Steve Zakuani and Javier Morales, I’d expect something to come down to Beckerman that will affect how RSL does for the rest of the season and possibly into the playoffs.

The play itself is pretty shocking. You may or may not like Beckerman but for RSL to lose him could be killer to their Supporter’s Shield hopes and even to their MLS Cup hopes. Losing a team captain like Beckerman is never easy to deal with, even if the club is as deep as RSL is.

Now the question comes out, how long will Beckerman be out? With four regular season games left and potentially anywhere between four and five playoff games, could the league punish Beckerman for more than four games? I kind of think he has to get at least two or three games here, if not maybe more.

What do you think?