Doubting Columbus

Doubting Columbus

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 21, 2011
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Crew Stadium, can be done folks. (Getty Images)

Boy, folks sure are down on the Columbus Crew these days. Either it is due to their lack of form in the league at the moment, their injury list piling up like a 10-car pileup on the freeway, or it is just due to them being in Columbus.

Today’s article goes straight to the heart of it all, being Columbus. Sporting News’ Brian Straus had this article up earlier today about the Crew’s time in Columbus and questioning how and if Columbus is good enough still to be a “major-league” city.

The buck stops with Crew president and general manager Mark McCullers. He admitted that the club had “a ways to go” to reach its season-ticket goal of 10,000.

“It’s a very attainable number. We just have to focus on it and get some people to really engage,” McCullers told Sporting News. “I think we’ll get this done, but failure is not an option. We haven’t set a deadline, but we just have to do it.

“Those three things (10,000 season tickets, stadium naming rights and a jersey sponsor) will put us at a break-even situation as a club and will provide financial stability. I don’t really want to think about the alternative.”

Just like the article goes on to say, the real issues run deeper in Columbus (and to another extent in Dallas).

Blame the economy, the owners, the location of the stadium, the Ohio State University, whatever. But don’t go on and say this club needs to be relocated, that won’t be the answer. Timing is everything in sports and once a few things fall into place the tide can quickly change. It isn’t just the Crew that are feeling the pinch in Columbus. Pretty much other sports team (except naturally OSU) are hurting.

At the end of the day it will take some clever dealing by the Crew and their management to get back on track. Sell the stadium rights, get a new jersey sponsor and have the guts to go in big next season and get a quality DP again. Make the team attractive and the folks will come back. They’ve been bold in the past and it worked for them.

Thankfully for their upcoming home game with LA, the club has standing-room only tickets left available. Time to get cracking on getting some of those folks back full-time.

  • Adnan7631

    Columbus had a very low attendance for the start of the season. If you look, their attendance has improved considerable, though their average remains low due to that poor start. Also, they have had decent attendance in previous years.