An Idea For A Few MLS Teams

An Idea For A Few MLS Teams

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 21, 2011
  • Features, Kit Sponsors

My pal Daniel over at just posted this photo on his twitter feed. Valencia of La Liga in Spain did this clever jersey sponsor idea of promoting their brand online instead of having a big time sponsor. I’d say for clubs like FC Dallas, the Colorado Rapids, the Columbus Crew, Sporting Kansas City and the Chicago Fire that this wouldn’t be a bad route for a year while they finalize any deals with a big company.

What do you think of someone like FC Dallas having @FCDallas on the front of their shirt for a year or even a few months while they finalize a deal with some local company? To me it is better than having a blank spot on a kit like some of these clubs have right now. It wouldn’t bring in cash right away like most of the deals do but it may drive up some jersey sales though.

  • I think in some markets if the team is really using twitter or another social media tool then yes it would be a smart move.  However if a team isn’t active in social media, then no they shouldn’t even consider this as it would probably frustrate people.

    • True, I could see it work in some places like KC or Chicago for sure. Colorado or Columbus maybe not so much.

  • Interesting idea.  Doesn’t FC Dallas already have the club name on the jersey front?  Kind of silly to change that.  Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but I’d prefer to see the club name over a twitter handle.  The other three teams mentioned could use SOMETHING on their jerseys, but if they decided to go with a different approach, I’d rather see “” than “@ColumbusCrew.”  I suppose it all depends on the demographic you’re trying to reach.

    • Yeah Dallas does but I can say a lot of fans would like to see something different on the front if it isn’t a new sponsor. I’ve heard some fans pass around this idea once before.

      In all I’d just really like to see something different out of these clubs. If they can’t get something from a big company, go a different route for a change like this.