2011 MLS Player Salaries: Who Paid For What

2011 MLS Player Salaries: Who Paid For What

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 13, 2011
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Benny Feilhaber has been a big addition to the New England Revolution. (Getty Images)

Yesterday the MLS Player’s Union released their final player salary information for the 2011 season. This information included all the newcomers that have come into the league during the summer transfer window.

I never went too in depth in the salaries the last time the Player’s Union released their information. I know I talked about it over at BigDSoccer.com in regards to FC Dallas but other than that I believe I left it at that. Well today I figured I would take a look at some of the new players in MLS that have joined this season since the start of the summer and see how much teams are paying them and if they were worth it.

(note: don’t freak out if you see a player missing, I’m not covering every single player that has come into the league since the start of the summer here)

The Good

Benny Feilhaber, New England ($300k base/$346k total) – I think it is fair to say that Feilhaber has been every bit worth the money the Revs are spending on him. You have to wonder still what he would have done for a team like Chivas USA who passed on him. Feilhaber has helped spark a struggling Revs offense that really had absolutely no bite to it when he landed there.

Freddy Adu, Philadelphia Union ($475k base/$594k total) – In a way the jury is still out on this move for the Union but overall I do believe this was a good move for both sides. Adu needed a solid landing spot to get the playing time that he needs and the Union needed a boost to their offense. They had some creative players in the midfield but it never hurts to add another one. I expect big things from Adu next season, I really do.

Danny Koevermans, Toronto FC ($999k base/$1.4m total) – I’ve been a huge fan of Koevermans since he joined Toronto FC. He’s been the striker they’ve been searching for since day one. He’s a DP price but a DP that is earning his keep in my book.

Sebastian Grazzini, Chicago Fire ($48k base/total) – Talk about finding a bargain. He’s scored a couple goals in just the few games that he’s played with the Fire. I really feel that he’s been the spark to their offense that they lacked to start the season.

Jury is still out

Daniel Cruz, FC Dallas ($90k base/$106k total) – He’s seems some good times and some bad times already with Dallas but for the most part he’s been a player that has really filled in well this summer when Dallas had a loaded schedule. A good pickup for 2012 really.

Milton Caraglio, New England Revolution ($54k base/total) – He was close to the good side but he’s really only played a couple games so there is a lot to still figure out with this kid. His two goals against New York a couple weeks back showed the future of what the Revs could be like with him up top but there is still that lingering thought in everyone’s mind that this young kid with knee problems is playing home games on turf.

Robbie Keane, LA Galaxy ($2.9m base/$3.4m total) – We really haven’t seen enough of Keane to know whether or not he will be a good fit with this club or just another high priced DP that just earns a fat check in MLS.

Mustapha Jarju, Vancouver Whitecaps ($400k base/$426k total) – Another DP on the list that we’re still wondering about. He’s shown flashes of good stuff with fellow DP Eric Hassli but then again we haven’t seen a lot of come together for the Whitecaps in terms of wins and goals.

Torsten Frings, Toronto FC ($699k base/$1.1m total) – Frings has had good moments so far but not enough to make me lift him to the top section just yet. I do think Toronto made a good splash with him and Koevermans though this summer, it was a bold move that has really started to pan out for them.

The Not So Bueno

Frank Rost, New York Red Bulls ($545k base/total) – He’s been hurt or whatever it seems like since day one. Now he’s saying he may not be back next season. Just a waste really when you look at the big picture with this club. Plus, he’s the highest paid keeper in the league. Yes, you read that correctly.

Jeferson, Sporting Kansas City ($429k base/$484k total) – In a way he probably should be in the “jury is still out” group but I’m not so sure if this guy is really in their long-term plans anymore. Once Graham Zusi figured out he was good the need for a player like Jeferson kind of went away in Peter Vermes’ offense. I don’t even remember the last time he went the full-90.

Carlos Costly, Houston Dynamo ($335k base/$425k total) – I thought about putting him in the category above this one but I still feel this was a not so good move for the Orange.


  • guest

    How did Mendoza not make this list?

    • Mendoza? Are you talking about Columbus’s Mendoza? He came over before the start of the season, this list only deals with players who joined in the summer.

  • @futboldaddy

    The Sounders Mauro Rosales gets my vote for best bargain in MLS. $42K base/guaranteed for the year. 

    • I’ll agree with that easily but again, I’m only talking about players who came in this summer. Rosales has been with the club since March.

  • @futboldaddy

    Gotcha. I think you’re right putting Costly in the final group, especially considering his main contribution so far has been a red card.