MLS Power Rankings: Week 23

MLS Power Rankings: Week 23

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 23, 2011
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Week 23 is in the books for Major League Soccer.

After the big week finished up the rankings saw a decent amount of movement. LA remains on top as you can see but we do have a new club in the top three as Columbus inched their way into the mix with FC Dallas stumbling.

Are the Crew this good? And can they fend off the likes of Sporting Kansas City are my big questions. Still, they’re doing very well for themselves at the moment.

Here’s where things stand for me though:

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 14-3-9 51 pts. First to 50 points, plus Robbie Keane’s debut went as well as anyone could have hoped. Yeah, they look like Supporter’s Shield winners to me.
2 (2) 12-5-9 45 pts. Big win down in Dallas on a night where the ref really controlled the game, not the players. They outworked Dallas all over the pitch even though they allowed the Hoops to maintain a load of possession and chances. Plus, Kasey Keller was huge in this one.
3 (4) 11-7-7 40 pts. The Eastern Conference crowd is their’s for the taking now.
4 (3) 12-7-7 43 pts. Great win in Mexico but coming back to reality for a moment, their league play as of late has been largely terribly. With George John on the way out and a couple defenders banged up, Schellas Hyndman’s biggest test is now.
5 (5) 10-6-11 41 pts. Couldn’t make that leap forward with Dallas stumbling this week with the draw to Chivas. Still, they are definitely in the thick of things should Dallas continue to stumble here.
6 (6) 10-7-6 36 pts. Another loss on the road is really hurting this club’s chances at catching up to LA, Seattle, Dallas and now Colorado.
7 (10) 9-7-9 30 pts. Two solid wins at home did enough to raise their playoff profile. At this point they’d only have themelves to blame if they somehow failed to reach it.
8 (7) 8-6-10 34 pts. A stumble on the road isn’t what this club needs right now. With Houston and KC in the mix (not to mention DC and NY there as well), the Union cannot afford another slip-up.
9 (10) 8-7-11 35 pts. Still no road wins but at this point it may not matter. They chould be on their way to one of the automatic bids out in the Eastern Conference. You gotta think they love being there now considering how deep the West is these days.
10 (8) 7-8-10 31 pts. Another respectable road draw. Good to see Juan Pablo Angel score in his debut with the club as well. If he can get going this club will start to turn into a dangerous side for the playoffs.
11 (9) 7-7-10 31 pts. I was all ready to write up a big chunk of a post in my weekly recap on D.C. had they won their two games this week. Turns out they only got a single point in their two road games. Ouch.
12 (11) 6-6-14 32 pts. It really is hard to take anything this club does seriously at this point.
13 (13) 8-11-5 29 pts. Still in the hunt, but just barely. As long as they take care of business at home they could make this very interesting.
14 (15) 4-11-11 23 pts. Milton Caragilo scores two against the Red Bulls. Not bad for a DP with bad knees on turf huh?
15 (14) 4-12-11 23 pts. Their regular season play won’t be pretty but look out for this club in the CCL, they’re just decent enough to do some damage.
16 (17) 3-7-15 24 pts. The draw in the midwek made us think we’d see another draw in the weekend, but this time the Fire surprised us all with their third win of the year. Yes, third, the same amount of wins as the Whitecaps.
17 (16) 5-10-10 25 pts. Just looked over their heads against the Galaxy. This club has talent but just not enough of it across the board to do damage.
18 (18) 3-13-9 18 pts. Another road game, another loss.