FC Dallas and Blackburn Agree To Transfer Deal For George John

FC Dallas and Blackburn Agree To Transfer Deal For George John

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 23, 2011
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George John will take his talents to England. (Getty Images)

I really wanted to get to this yesterday since the player’s agent actually contacted me about it. Ah never the less it was still reported well over at my other hub at BigDSoccer.com.

FC Dallas defender George John is on his way to Greece to pick up his Greek passport. Once that is taken care of (likely today) he will then register with the EU so his transfer to EPL side Blackburn Rovers will be complete. Both MLS and FC Dallas agreed to the deal with the EPL side over the weekend and the deal will become complete once all the paperwork finishes up.

John currently makes around $42k a year in MLS and his transfer deal with Blackburn is said to be around $2 million.

According to his agent Ted Philipkos, should something fall through in this deal today or tomorrow, John will be back on a plane to the States and will remain with FC Dallas.

My feelings about this deal are pretty simple. The player wants to go and he should as it is a great chance for a quality American player to be in the EPL. Sure it hurts FC Dallas and MLS at the same time but let’s put it this way, John wasn’t putting butts in seats anywhere he was at. No offense to him in that comment but the club wasn’t marketing around him like they were when Kenny Cooper was in town and left for Germany a couple years back.

It is the nature of the business too. Players come and go and right now MLS is still a league that develops and sells. Thankfully the amount of talent the league is buying today is greatly different than it used to be. Before we’d see players like a Clint Dempsey or Stuart Holden go but no one in their quality would come to MLS in return. It isn’t that case these days as a player like John will leave but we can look to the owners willingness to spend money on exciting players like Fabian Castillo as proof that things are better in MLS.

I wish John nothing but the best in England. I’ve pointed out several times over at BigDSoccer this year that he is one of my favorite players to talk to from FC Dallas. Hopefully he does us all proud over there in the EPL.

  • So whats the chances he switches to Greece from USMNT?

    • Pretty good actually, with Klinsmann in charge now the chances of seeing GJ on the USMNT is really good now. Talking to him recently about it, he wants to play for the US.

  • That is great for him, way to go George!