About That Soccer Almanac

About That Soccer Almanac

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 23, 2011
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North America Soccer Almanac (image via MLSSoccer.com)

A very interesting item was posted today over at MLSSoccer.com. The North America Soccer Almanac.

First of all, saying North America is really broad for the league to do here with this mini-site.

It’s kinda cool, they had folks fill out a survey on Facebook not long ago to populate some of the responses on here. Apparently this isn’t complete either as more sections will be added soon enough. That’s good to hear considering this is just a souped up version of a history day for the most part.

It is visually pleasing in some manner. The graphic at the bottom of this page gave me a good laugh.

I’d love to see this go a little more in-depth to the league’s history, and American soccer history for that matter. Sadly enough this looks to just be nothing more than a MLS History book. Which is cool, I love history. I’d imagine the next sections on this will be about favorite players, teams, etc., just ways to get people to click through multiple pages all in a short amount of time.

But there are some fun issues with this. What do you make of something that this dub North America when it is really just MLS 1996-2011? I can see where this rubs people the wrong way.