FC Dallas Makes History In Mexico

FC Dallas Makes History In Mexico

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 18, 2011
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Marvin Chaves celebrates his goal in Mexico. (Mexsport)

“It only takes one.”

That was something my old soccer coach back in West Virginia used to tell me and my teammates before (and sometimes during) a game that we knew would be tough. We had this one team that we played a couple times a year that always seemed to get the best of us and would typically beat us. But it wasn’t until our last year playing that we got that all important one goal to beat them.

For FC Dallas last night in Mexico City it only took one.

One goal from Marvin Chavez was plenty for FC Dallas, Major League Soccer and US Soccer for that matter. The goal itself wasn’t anything to write home about but again it didn’t matter as it was an important one. Chavez was on the right end of a Jair Benitez laser that hit off the post.

Again, it only took one.

This may have not been Pumas’ best eleven out there last night but again that doesn’t matter one single bit to any of the US Soccer fans out there that have been longing for this win. A win in Mexico City. Hell, just a win south of the border in Mexico would have been nice for anyone US team.

I know there have been other MLS clubs that have had success in Mexico. D.C. United beat Santos Laguna last March down in Mexico in a friendly but no offense to D.C. fans, this one is miles bigger. Friendlies you take with a grain of salt. Wins in a big tournament like the CONCACAF Champions League you take with much more meaning.

We’ve been asking ourselves when this all important first win in Mexico would come. Either it be from a MLS club or from the US National Team. After so many disappointments and close calls in Mexico, it was getting to the point that it didn’t matter who got the first big win down there, just as long as it happened. I know Schellas Hyndman was happy with the first win in Mexico too. What his club did should open many more doors down there over time.

“I’’ll tell you the first man who broke the four-minute mile was a man named Roger Bannister. The next week, I think another six people broke the four-minute mile… because they believed in it. For us, for the first team to beat a good Mexican team in Mexico, I hope that more MLS teams will have the same courage to play good soccer and I hope that we continue to find success here.”

Success will come because of this win. Make no mistake about it. Dallas did it all right last night in Mexico City too. They weathered the early pressure by Pumas, battled the weather and altitude, didn’t lose their cool late in the game like so many MLS clubs have done in the past while having a lead against a Mexican team, and in the end they got the win.

Congrats FC Dallas. You’ve made us all very proud.