MLS Power Rankings: Week 21

MLS Power Rankings: Week 21

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 9, 2011
  • 2011 MLS Power Rankings, 2011 MLS Season, 2011 Week 21

Another week down and things haven’t change all that much in the Power Rankings. LA, Seattle, Dallas and RSL continue to lead the pack while teams from the Eastern Conference continue to battle over who will try and crack that top four.

But don’t look now, Colorado is making some noise again here. It seems every time Sanna Nyassi and Omar Cummings are pared together that magic happens for them.

And in other news we have a new club at the bottom. Yes, the Canadian duo have finally worked their way out of the bottom. Don’t worry I’m sure one of them will return to it soon enough.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 13-3-9 48 pts. Take out the stinker in Portland (that was bound to happen eventually), the 3-1 win over Dallas was impressive. Now they have a little space between them and everyone else for the Supporter’s Shield.
2 (3) 11-5-8 41 pts. Mauro Rosales continues to prove he’s one of the league’s best new additions this year. His goal and assist to give the Sounders the big road win in Seattle has to help give this club the confidence it looked to be losing over the last couple weeks.
3 (2) 12-6-6 42 pts. Blew a chance at catching the Galaxy in the standings. Just too bad really.
4 (4) 10-4-6 36 pts. Everyone was really nervous going into the New York game but I’m fairly sure those worries are now put to rest. Great to see young star Luis Gil getting his first career goal too.
5 (5) 9-7-7 34 pts. Losing Eddie Gavin could be a huge blow to this club. They’ve been impressive when we least expect them to this season so it will be interesting to see what Robert Warzycha has cooked up now.
6 (5) 8-5-7 31 pts. The Carlos Ruiz era is over and done with and it’s all the fans fault according to Peter Nowak. Too bad he can’t blame his defense on the fans too, they were terrible against Colorado.
7 (9) 9-6-10 37 pts. The injuries are piled up a mile long but these Rapids continue to show a lot of heart. Good thing they’re racking up the points now as the CCL is set to begin here soon will surely take a toll on this club.
8 (7) 7-7-9 30 pts. I know Peter Vermes is fuming over Omar Bravo’s red card but come on, what does he expect? No one gets away with that kind of tackle. Plus, he should be more worried about his club giving up two late goals to the Sounders in the way they did.
9 (8) 6-6-12 30 pts. The vote of confidence is in for Hans Backe now. So, if nothing changes here soon do we really expect him to last here?
10 (12) 7-8-8 29 pts. These Goats are inching their way towards a playoff spot here. You can definitely say they’re happy to have Alejandro Moreno back too, his two goals were huge in New England.
11 (11) 6-6-9 27 pts. Nice to see D.C.’s offense come alive but at the same time their defense decided to take the night off in a wild 3-3 draw with Toronto.
12 (10) 6-7-10 28 pts. I still wonder how Carlo Costly improves this club.
13 (14) 7-10-5 26 pts. A four point week is tough to come by for anyone, especially expansion teams. Their drubbing of LA was nice to see but so was Kenny Cooper scoring in San Jose.
14 (13) 5-8-10 25 pts. Winless in their last 10 games now. Not a lot to say about this side either.
15 (16) 4-10-9 21 pts. Diego Fagundez became the second youngest to score in MLS history this weekend. The kid has potential but I wish we could say the same about his club.
16 (17) 3-11-11 20 pts. Well we can say this, their offense has drastically improved in recent weeks. If only Aron Winter cared about his defense in the same way.
17 (18) 3-11-9 18 pts. Almost out of the bottom of the standings thanks in large part to DP Eric Hassli. I have to say it, Hassli may be one of the best DPs the league has ever seen.
18 (16) 2-7-13 19 pts. Just got embarassed in Vancouver.