Players Benefited By Klinsmann Hire

Players Benefited By Klinsmann Hire

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 2, 2011
  • Brek Shea, Chad Marshall, George John, Jose Torres, Jurgen Klinsmann, Michael Bradley, Tim Chandler, US National Team

A lot of changes will be made by new head coach Jurgen Klinsmann. (Photo via

Yeah go ahead and throw this one on the massive pile of other stories similar to this one. I’ve stayed away from the Klinsmann talk for a few reasons, mainly lack of time on my part to devote to discussing it is the biggest. As you’ll see in the coming weeks, I have some changes that I’ll be making to the site and I’ve been busy working on them.

Now back to the story at hand. As we’re all aware there are plenty of players out there that will benefit form the Jurgen Klinsmann hiring for the US National Team. Plenty of those guys are young and come from Major League Soccer while a good bit of them will be from other league spread out throughout the world.

With some friendlies on the horizon, I’d expect to see plenty of new faces in with the US.

Jose Torres – I know JFT got the call to the World Cup last year from Bradley but it seems like ever since then we haven’t heard a peep from this kid. There’s little doubt in my mind that Klinsmann will get the most out of him with his creative skills.

Brek Shea – Don’t be shocked if Shea gets a look this time around. He’s having too good of a year for FC Dallas in MLS not to get a call up. I know Dallas fans will be excited for him even though it will come at a critical point in their season with potential CCL games and all. As we’ve seen in MLS this season he is magic on the wings for Dallas. Klinsmann could use a spark like that in the midfield too.

George John – Another FCD player that will likely get a look-at from Klinsmann. John is dominant in the defense and has been a key factor in Dallas’ success this season. He’s big, tall, and physical too. All items you want in a center back. Put him in there with guys like Clarence Goodson or Omar Gonzalez and you could easily have a back duo for years to come.

Tim Chandler – We know the German-born connection here. He definitely appears to be the next best thing at right-back for the US and with Klinsmann in charge that time may come sooner than it would have with Bob Bradley in charge.

Michael Bradley – Yup, I’m putting the old coaches son on the list. I think he gets a lot of the bad wrap that his dad would get when he was the coach. Now with his dad gone from leading the team, the son can re-focus on being a leader in the midfield like he has shown to be on occasion. (I also get how you could make the argument that his hire hurts him as well too)

Chad Marshall – Another top-notch defender that always got overlooked by Bradley. I never got why Marshall was not called into the Gold Cup camp either. Considering how dominant he’s been in MLS over the last five-to-six years and has only had a few call ups is surprising. I’d easily take him right now over Tim Ream (just saying).

Any names that I’m missing here? Let’s hear it.

  • Why would you forget Freddy Adu… he seems to be the one to gain the most. Jurgen love and attacking style and his creative midfield play seem tailor-made for this, and George John really? He shouldn’t even be in the conversation. 

    • Yeah I thought about adding him. He’ll definitely get more attention I’m sure. Same goes for Houston defender Geoff Cameron.

    • sarin

      George John shouldnt be in the conversation?? LOL you really are crazy Jon.

  • Zakuani when healthy if he chooses to play for the US?

    • Doubtful that he would change over to the US from the Congo because of Klinsmann. He would be an excellent fit when healthy though.

      • Just saying that Klinsmann might be more inclined to talk with him about it and play him than Bradley may have been (or may not have been).  If he initiates talks and Zakuani says that he’ll play here, that’s more than Bradley did.

        • True, much more than Bradley. But I know Zakuani basically said he knew he never had a shot with the US so he went ahead and went with his homeland. I’d love to see him change his mind, especially if he can come back from that broken leg and play at the same level he did before the injury.

          • Think about Adu and Zakuani….wow.  From my understanding Zakuani’s comments were more based around the fact that the US hadn’t given him his citizenship yet or anything, then within the next week it was given, so sentiments may have changed.  The fact that he hasn’t played in an actual Congo game means that he’s still on the verge.  I think he also has the ability to play for England, but knows that those chances are really low.

            His comments were this:
            “It’s true that I was eligible for three national teams: England, United States and, of course, Congo DR,” Zakuani stated. “I definitely considered playing for the U.S., but the three-year wait for citizenship, without any fast-tracking possibilities, made the decision to represent the nation of my birth a little bit easier. I’m excited about the challenge ahead.”

          • I forgot all about that issue with him. Great point. Yeah, I recall talking to a Seattle rep before he went to play for Congo and they said it would take at least 2 years to get him as a citizen. Can’t blame him for not wanting to wait.

          • Yeah, He got his green card prior to this season too…so now that he has it….I really hope that he changes his mind.  10 goals 6 assists last season, 2 goals 2 assists on 6 games this season…If he wouldn’t have gotten hurt, I have a feeling he would have made a hard push for most goals on the Sounders team this year…very consistent too it seems, not streaky like Montero

  • I’d like Cameron over Marshall simply based on athleticism. Otherwise, all good picks IMO. What are your thoughts on Brad Davis getting a look?

    • Davis? He’s one of those guys that you’d think would be perfect for the USMNT but we’ve just never seen him called into a big game before. Lot of mystery there but not a bad idea. He’s definitely deserving of a call at some point though. He’s an assist machine for crying out loud.

  • Agree that Chad Marshall right now is a better option than Ream as a USMNT defender.  But what about keeper?  Does Klinsmann keep going back to Yaldel/Cervi as the backups to Howard, or does he begin to integrate more MLS keepers?

    • Robert, I thought long and hard about the GK situation. I still think Howard has the top spot for a few more years but I wouldn’t be shocked to see more of Yaldel or maybe even a Nick Rimando here and there.

  • kickit

    These players don’t matter. As long America soccer is pay fro play we never get the best athletes

  • Adnan7631

    Robbie Rogers. He has a connection with Klinsmann from his U-16 days. He got hardly any playing time with Bradley.

  • Would you think Ugo Ihemelu would deserve being looked at? He is part of the strong back line that keeps FCD running. John does very well but Ugo is a huge part of our success and overall seems to just never break down.