What If: MLS All-Star Game Back In the East V. West Format

What If: MLS All-Star Game Back In the East V. West Format

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 27, 2011
  • 2011 MLS All-Star Game

I’ve given this one a decent thought. I’ve said before that I’m not a huge fan of the current MLS All-Star game format but it is what it is. Its not perfect and its definitely a risky game for some teams when they see two or three of their star players involved.

But I thought, what if the league returned to their old ways of playing the game in an East v. West format. I do miss the days where the league’s best from each conference squared off against one another. Hypothetically speaking here is what a starting XI could look like for each side. The East is in red and the West is in blue.

Of course the starting XI wouldn’t look exactly like this. I’m sure it would look a little different if some league coaches were involved.

What do you all make of the East v. West format? Or do you prefer the current style where the league’s best face a team from across the pond?

(Note: please don’t get wrapped up in the names listed here…its all for fun and is hypothetical)

  • Alonso is spelled as so.

  • ok, but what about the bench…. there are some names I dont see like hartman, kennedy (dhivas not fcd ball man lol)….Braun, mendoza, espindola, bruin, jewsbury, labrocca, fernandez, jackson, moor, danso, tierney…. and a few more lol

  • I love it. Lets make the change. How do we get them to go back? What, you are saying MLS makes a bundle off ManU games and doesn’t care if we are embarrassed because any news is good news? Whatever.

  • I do think there is a certain excitement that comes from playing the EPL champs. I’m getting a little tired of getting pounded though. I’m torn. 

  • I like the east west concept much more than the current game, I played golf last night, didn’t even watch the game. The given blowout was a major reason for not watching, and no FCD players due to poor scheduling by mls (seriously, a wed?)…

    • Yeah the way this thing is scheduled anymore we can pretty much bet that at least three clubs will not be represented in this game since the CCL play-in games are around the same time. Its a shame but the league can do better than this for sure.

  • It gets armchair fans out for the day. Not a fan but I don’t think East vs West holds enough kudos either.