Time Is Now For Brek Shea

Time Is Now For Brek Shea

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 21, 2011
  • Brek Shea

I just wrote about how FC Dallas should be campaigning the ever living hell out of Brek Shea and his MVP chances over at BigDSoccer a bit ago. One look at this goal and you can see why. The guy has nine goals on the year and doesn’t look at all like he is slowing down here.

Hopefully goals like this and his current form in the league will catch the eye of Bob Bradley with some of those upcoming US friendlies this fall. Though I’m sure most Dallas fans would love to see him just get looked over yet again so he doesn’t miss any time with the club.

  • I would love to see him get a call up but I don’t see BB making the call since his club team is on 2 cup runs and a shot at the SShield. With concacaf starting up I don’t think FCD staff would be too happy to see him leave. It really is a double edged razor on this one.

    MVP all the way!