Toronto Sends Tchani To Columbus

Toronto Sends Tchani To Columbus

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 15, 2011
  • Andy Iro, Tony Tchani, Trades

Toronto isn’t done dealing yet. Today the club made yet another deal, this time with Trillium Cup rival Columbus Crew. The two sides played the trade game today as Columbus sent central defender Andy Iro and midfielder Leandre Griffit to Toronto for midfielder Tony Tchani.

Very, very interesting move for the two sides. The two main players involved Iro and Tchani get new homes, and possible some new life to both of their young careers. I’ve felt that Tchani was a good fit for Toronto since going there from New York back in the first Dwayne De Rosario trade but now that he’s going to Columbus here I really believe this will end up being his home for years to come. It is an offensive-minded deal for the Crew too as it gives them more stability in their midfield on the defensive side of the ball and helps add some offense. Tchani is great at holding possession and isn’t too bad at helping create chances as well.

Columbus also gets a guy that won’t count towards the cap as Tchani is a Generation adidas player. That’s good news for them should they continue to make deals here this summer.

As for Iro and Grittit, I really believe the move for Iro was coming sooner rather than later. He lost his starting spot this season and had really been unhappy about it. The kid still is a talented player and should help improve this dreadful Toronto defense right away.

What do you make of this second day of trades for Toronto?

  • The Crew also had over 30 players signed for them. They got around it because of injury but getting back to the roster limit had to happen. Griffit has been injured for a while so he wasn’t helping them out, any way.

    • Yeah, honestly he was just another body or number in this trade. I really believe they could have just gone Iro for Tchani straight up but you’re right about their roster size, they had to add one more in there to do it.