MLS Power Rankings: Week 17

MLS Power Rankings: Week 17

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 12, 2011
  • 2011 MLS Power Rankings, 2011 MLS Season, 2011 Week 17

We’re starting to get to that point in the season where the movement in the Power Rankings goes down. Not a whole lot of changes from top to bottom this week. The good teams are still good while the bad teams are still bad. I know that is a terrible and yet a general statement to make but its pretty damn true here.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 10-2-9 39 pts. Strong win for the Galaxy who saw Seattle and RSL close in a little more on their lead this weekend. Geting more out of David Beckham and Landon Donovan in the coming weeks will be huge for them too. Just wonder if/when Juan Pablo Angel will earn his pay here.
2 (2) 10-5-4 34 pts. I won’t lie, I wanted to bump them down for the loss but given the two goals given up, and the bad luck on the day, I’ll leave him here for another week. A loss to DC at home though will certainly be cause for worry. Losing at Rio Tinto, not so much.
3 (3) 9-4-8 35 pts. Fantasic win in Portland but the huge concern has to be the injury to Jhon Kennedy Hurtado. They made due without him last year when he was hurt but he has been big this season for them.
4 (4) 8-3-6 30 pts. Big win, even if the goals were gifts in some way. Just have to wonder what the situation is with Alvaro Saborio right now.
5 (5) 7-4-6 27 pts. Still wondering about that Jordan Harvey trade. Still, another 0-0 draw on the road shows Peter Nowak must know what he is doing here.
6 (6) 6-4-10 28 pts. Strong win on Wednesday followed by a crushing defeat on Saturday. Just wondering when the goalkeeper situation will be improved though.
7 (7) 5-6-7 22 pts. Two more draws at home this week leave me puzzled about this club. They’re good but are they good enough to really compete with the big boys here?
8 (8) 7-5-6 27 pts. Good to see Jeff Cunningham finally tie the league’s all-time scoring mark on Wednesday. Good pickup after the bad loss in Dallas for the Crew.
9 (9) 6-5-9 27 pts. A win and a draw in the week for the Rapids. No move but they’re starting to look better here. Now this Seattle match ahead will be a big indicator on whether or not they’ll be a contender again or just another pretender.
10 (11) 5-6-8 23 pts. Still quietly in the playoff hunt here. Little changes here and there like Kofi Sarkodie in the starting XI has made a difference as of late.
11 (12) 5-5-7 22 pts. Gotta give it to DeRo, when it mattered he made his old club pay.
12 (10) 5-5-7 22 pts. Can’t knock the Quakes too much, a 0-0 draw to Philly isn’t a bad thing but the lack of offense as of late isn’t a good thing either.
13 (14) 5-7-7 22 pts. Nice turnaround week for Chivas here. A win at home against San Jose followed by a draw in KC. Still, giving up the late goal on the road like that in KC has to be troubling for Robin Fraser. If anything it was a mojo killer.
14 (13) 2-5-12 18 pts. You can’t expect to draw every game now can you?
15 (15) 5-9-3 18 pts. Probably the most crushing defeat of the season for this young team.
16 (16) 3-8-7 16 pts. No game, no where to go. With a visit from Manchester United on tab for this week, you have to wonder how bad they’ll get beaten in that game.
17 (17) 3-9-9 18 pts. Getting dumped on yet again. I know they need offensive reinforcements here but what about defensive ones too? Stefan Frei continues to impress but gets hung out to dry by his defense each week.
18 (18) 2-10-8 14 pts. If you had the Whitecaps as the first to 10 losses this season then you are correct.
  • Chester

    No talk of the US Open Cup?

    • Why? I wrote this up before all the USOC games were played this week.

      • Chester

        Probably not a very good place to post the question, but didn’t really see anywhere else that would be any different. I was hoping for some more chatter about the Cup, but I guess not everyone is as keen to it as myself. Did you happen to attend the FCD-RSL game?

        • Yeah I meant to get to the USOC all week but never did, work schedule and family arriving in town kind of got in the way of that. As for me and the RSL-FCD game, no I wasn’t there for it but thankfully I did watch it from home. Solid game for Dallas, RSL wasn’t really in it after the first 10 minutes or so.