MLS Power Rankings Week 16

MLS Power Rankings Week 16

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 5, 2011
  • 2011 MLS Power Rankings, 2011 MLS Season, 2011 Week 16

I thought about doing a normal “What We Learned” post from this past week but with the holiday getting in the way I just don’t see a need or the time for it. It’s back to normal here for me as the work week will surely get crazy here.

Week 16 in Major League Soccer was a rather dull one, with plenty of draws and only a few quality goals. We saw big crowds, a couple drama packed games, and plenty of fireworks (just not on the field). This all reflects in the rankings as really only Sporting KC is making a move upwards. I nearly moved Dallas into the lead position but I really want to hold out on that until they play at Salt Lake this weekend. A win there will make it easier to push them to the top I think.

Other wise the draws kept most of the teams where they were last week. It was just that kind of weekend in MLS.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 9-2-9 36 pts. Holding the league lead but by a slimmer margin now. It is almost time that they can’t afford to drop points like they did at home to Seattle.
2 (2) 10-4-4 34 pts. First team to 10 wins on the season and it’s just the start of July. You could easily make the argument that Dallas deserves the top spot, a win at Salt Lake this weekend would certainly push them there.
3 (3) 8-4-8 32 pts. Struggles against LA continue but at least things are getting better with a scoreless draw.
4 (4) 7-3-6 27 pts. Probably not the kind of 4th of July celebration that they wanted to have this year. A 3-3 draw with New England of all teams.
5 (5) 7-4-6 27 pts. Nice battle back on the road to get a point in DC.
6 (6) 5-3-10 25 pts. 10 draws on the season at this point says a lot about this club. Then again the bigger number could be the one in the middle, only three losses on the campaign this season.
7 (12) 5-6-5 20 pts. Don’t look now but KC is starting to look more legit as each week passes. Their win in Portland shows they can win in tough places.
8 (7) 6-5-6 24 pts. Ugly loss in Dallas for the Crew. By the middle part of the second half, Dallas was running circles around them.
9 (8) 5-5-8 23 pts. I keep saying it with this club but I don’t think they have the gas in the tank to handle their schedule that is coming up.
10 (9) 5-5-6 21 pts. Unlucky not to get three points in front of a big crowd against the Red Bulls. But Frank Yallop’s side is just barely holding on here.
11 (10) 4-6-8 20 pts. Tally Hall can rest a little easier now that he got a point against the Rapids. I just wonder when his offense will start to help him out here.
12 (11) 4-5-7 19 pts. With KC (and possibly Columbus) playing well these days, DC has a lot of work to do if they want to reach the post season.
13 (13) 2-4-12 18 pts. Now two ties short of a league record. Not a record you want to break in July either.
14 (14) 4-7-6 18 pts. Still a lot of trial and error for Robin Fraser here this season, mostly error though.
15 (15) 5-8-3 18 pts. That fun start at home seems like a distant memory now for John Spencer’s team. We shouldn’t be too shocked though as they are still an expansion team here.
16 (16) 3-8-7 16 pts. Rough way to go last night for the Revs. They just can’t buy a win on the road this season.
17 (18) 3-5-7 18 pts. Getting the bump for the big week against Vancouver, both in league play and in the NCC.
18 (17) 2-8-8 14 pts. Expansion seasons are meant to be long and tough.
  • Considering how the ref was calling the game, you would think that maybe the Revs were trying to buy a win. Holy cow!