Dallas To Finally Get Jersey Sponsor?

Dallas To Finally Get Jersey Sponsor?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 30, 2011
  • Doug Quinn, Jersey Sponsor

For a while now FC Dallas has been one of the few clubs left to not have a jersey sponsor. They came close back in the winter but a deal feel through with a local company when a CEO resigned or quit (not sure which was the case). With the news today that FC Dallas extended another player’s contract to 2015 (defender Ugo Ihemelu), some interesting comments came out from CEO Doug Quinn today to local beat writer Robert Casner.

FCD President Doug Quinn told me earlier this year a/b the team getting a jersey sponsorship no later than the All-Star break. Today he reiterated the team’s plans to have a sponsorship in place by the end of July & that FCD have met w/ several potential sponsors.

Yesterday, FC Dallas announced a major partnership with Budweiser announcing Bud as the official domestic beer of FC Dallas. My bet is the club will have a pretty good jersey sponsor too.

For all the knocks I’ve placed on the club, I still believe they are headed in the right direction as a whole. They may not see it at the gate just yet but they are getting there. This weekend they should have a sold out crowd against the Columbus Crew. Along with that they will honor one of their own by having Bobby Rhine lead the “March to the Match” ceremony (a new thing they started this year that has become a success with the fans).

I’ll try to do some digging on which company will be the sponsor for Dallas. With so many big companies near by it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.

  • wpsdude

    Too bad the ESPN logo wasn’t permanent. They have been the jersey sponsor of our NPSL team in downtown San Diego, CA. I like the logo, and the network. 

    Last year, I was watching FC Dallas on some Fox Sports channel, and the commercials were geared toward the DFW market. The most common one was metroPCS, and it was catchy, and makes a nice logo, and is Richardson-based, IIRC. I wonder how natinal they are though (I have a Jitterbug 🙁 ).

  • Khelberg

    I vote for a company with a vast national footprint.  Mary Kay cosmetics – I pass it everytime I drive up to frisco!