FIFA 12 To Include All MLS Clubs

FIFA 12 To Include All MLS Clubs

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 28, 2011
  • FIFA 12

EDIT: Notice the edit at the bottom here, it looks as though EA had someone who misspoke here.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t bought or played a FIFA game in about two or three years now. I was tempted to buy it this past year for my iPad and never did. I kept saying, I’ll wait until next year and when that came I still never bought it. Oh well, I don’t have the same time for gaming that I used to.

Saying all of that doesn’t affect me as much as it will some of you however. According to this article, some of your favorite MLS sides will be left out of the upcoming edition of FIFA.

“We’re quite tied to the Vancouver Whitecaps.  They’re our local team in their inaugural MLS season this year,” said David Rutter, Line Producer for FIFA 12.  “[They] have actually come in for some special treatment this year as they are local, but ultimately the authenticity of the game is the bedrock of everything EA Sports does.”

While the game will have a number of MLS teams on-disk, not all of the clubs in the league will be represented.  For fans of those teams which EA Sports decided to omit, an online tool for custom team creation can be found at

So as the league grows in real life, it shrinks on the virtual one. Bummer.

So NY, LA, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland and who else will be in the game? Chicago? Toronto? D.C.? I do wonder how many they’ll actually include to those that they leave off.

UPDATE: It’s possible they could be talking about not including Montreal, who joins MLS next season. We’ll see.

Update #2: Someone mis-spoke:

There seems to be a bit of confusion around FIFA 12 and MLS. To clarify: All teams featured in this year’s MLS season WILL be in the game.less than a minute ago via webpost Favorite Retweet Reply

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    I hear that news.

    I expect MLS is more attractive league.