About That Red Card To Josh Saunders

About That Red Card To Josh Saunders

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 28, 2011
  • Josh Saunders, Steven Lenhart, Video

Take a gander at this highlight of the red card to LA’s backup keeper Josh Saunders. It pretty much shows what an ass San Jose’s Steven Lenhart is for trying to head the ball out of his hands. Saunders got a red on the play for swinging his arm up and Lenhart reacting with an Emmy performance of falling to the ground in pain (Lenhart probably did catch a little elbow on the play too).

Lenhart got a yellow on the play as well but let’s be honest, it probably should have been the other way around just on the fact that Lenhart as a total ass clown for doing what he did.

Oh MLS. Maybe since the league fined Charlie Davies for diving, they’ll do something to Lenhart for being stupid.

  • ViperLA

    I wholeheartedly agree with your take on the situation.
    Once again it shows how pathetic the USSF officiating has been over the years for MLS and honestly, it just seems to get worse with each game rather than better.

    Funny thing is, Lenhart is perfect for San Jose.  If you watched the FSC “Soccer Night in America” coverage, the classless fans behind the net when Ricketts got hurt on the late challenge by Stephenson – they used the “F” word to show their displeasure of Ricketts for going down and delaying the match.  No censoring going on at that time.  You can definitely hear the words clearly from the crowd.  Got to love the folks in cow town!

    Sadly, the Galaxy must rely on Brian Perk – 3rd goalie for the match against Seattle at the HDC on July 4th.
    Or maybe they should just use Magee.  Seems he is better off in goal than he is on the field.


    • Earthquakes fan

      Classless supporters are not specific to San Jose, although I am not proud of the way the 1906 Ultras act a lot of the time. I’ve seen the Angel City Brigade removed from a stadium for their behavior, not to mention the class of some LA Dodgers fans beating a SF Giants fan into a coma.

      However, it would have made me a lot less sad if Lenhart hadn’t done what he did. It indeed makes the team look bad, and no it is not perfect for San Jose. With the fair play award going to the Quakes in previous years we don’t need this kind of behavior on the squad.