Freddy Adu Sparks Unlikely Comeback

Freddy Adu Sparks Unlikely Comeback

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 23, 2011
  • 2011 Gold Cup, Freddy Adu

He's back babydolls! (Getty Images)

The crowd at Relient Stadium in Houston as well as the crowd watching around the world at home all let out a collective gasp when Bob Bradley decided to make a change midway through a scoreless semifinal. Screams of “WTF”, “OMG” and of course the “#FireBradley” came down as Freddy Adu entered the match.

The second I saw him come on the field I thought two things. Things will either be magic or it will cost the US a chance at a Gold Cup title and of course the Confederations Cup in 2013.

When Adu entered the match it was scoreless and looking very tense. But it was his diagonal ball to Landon Donovan that helped set up the game’s lone goal to Clint Dempsey that proved to be the real difference maker.

Yes, Adu started the goal for the US. Yes, that Freddy Adu. Don’t believe me? Re-watch the replay of the goal.

With all the talk going in to the Gold Cup about placing Adu on the roster, Bradley pulled a thing of brillance out of his butt for this one. Adu delivered a brillent pass to Donovan and thus pushed his relative comeback into the US soccer discussion into full gear.

Adu’s play last night wasn’t a 10 on the player ratings scale but it was enough to help the US win the game and move on to the finals to face Mexico this weekend.

What will this game alone do for Adu? It won’t make him a starter against Mexico but it could prove to make him one of the first guys off the bench in that game if the US needs a spark offensively. While some of his passes put the US in tight spots, the one that didn’t ended up counting on the scoreboard. I know I’ve given Adu and his bouncing from spot to spot in Europe a lot of crap over the last couple years but the fact remains the kid can still play when he puts his mind to it.

That is something we all have to be happy with.


D Cruz
  • Jun 23 2011
adu flat out impressed. he earned that cap on the pitch. hope he gets more time to shine. he isnt perfect, but he just had certain skills that no-one else on the USMNT has. i hope he gets as many chances to prove himself and johnny bornstein has had (isnt that all any of us can ask for in life) lol
  • Jun 23 2011
He needs to return to MLS and stop wasting his talent oversees.