Trouble Brewing Between Revs FO And Their Supporters Group

Trouble Brewing Between Revs FO And Their Supporters Group

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 21, 2011

Revs supporters in The Fort. (Getty Images)

It has been a while since we had to discuss front office madness and things that can upset some fans. Well, over the weekend in the game between the New England Revolution and the Chicago Fire some stuff happened in The Fort, the main section for the Revs supporters groups. According to the Bent Musket (great Revs blog btw), the crowd noise went from loud to quiet in a matter of minutes.

I was in the press box and I remember seeing something go down, but I was too far away and too disconnected to know exactly what. All I remember is that after a certain point in the second half, the sound on the field died and the Fort looked almost empty. It was the tweets from Brian Smith and other supporters that alerted us to the goings-on, but certainly nothing could have prepared me for what I heard actually happened.

From there it gets pretty interesting. The article’s details about the Rebellion and the Revs front office back and forth game about what can be chanted and not chanted at games is very interesting. From what most can account, this action by the Revs came out of no where.

Are the Revs supporter’s in blame here though? In a way, sure, they are. It all centers around a chant they always say when a keeper is taking a goal kick. If you listen closely enough they say “You suck asshole”. The Revs FO had asked the supporters to cut out the language in the chant since it was upsetting some of the other season ticket holders.

The article mentions that both of the main supporters groups have been attempting to cut out the language in their chants but naturally getting a large group of people to stop saying something like this that they’ve been chanting for nearly a decade won’t be too easy. Quitting cold turkey doesn’t work for everyone and it does take a while to get out of some habits.

But for the Revs FO (and the security officials there at Gillett) it wasn’t enough. Fans were arrested, and the Fort ended up finishing the match rather empty.

Things like this shouldn’t happen in MLS. We thought most of the clubs and their supporters have gotten past things like this from days ago. It’s not like this is the first time we’ve seen issues between supporter groups and their club’s FO.

Since the additions of Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia and Vancouver we’ve seen how clubs and supporters groups can work together in a good manner. This kind of thing in New England continues to show that this club is still in the backseat of the league in terms of moving forward into the new age of MLS. It seems as though the Revs are still a team geared toward the soccer mom crowd and not the new-age soccer crowd like we’re seeing elsewhere.

There still seems to be a lot of this story unfolding here though. I don’t want to point all the blame on the Revs FO but it does seem like they do deserve a fair amount of the blame. Sure the supporters groups could do a better job at cutting out some of the bad language they use but let’s be fair, all supporters groups do the same. We’d be kidding ourselves if we thought otherwise.

Hopefully things will brighten up for the Revs fans here and the club will learn from their mistakes here in how they handled situations like this. For a club that struggles at the gate due to their games being played in a NFL stadium, they can’t afford to cut out any fans like this,¬†especially¬†the diehard ones like these folks.

  • Dave

    As a season ticket holder for TFC I’ve often heard a chant of “bulls*#t” when a bad call is made by the ref at BMO field. This isn’t done by just the supporters groups, but rings out from every section. Not once have I heard or seen any action been taken for this. Yes, there is a policy about profanity, but to expect people, especially supporter groups not to swear at a soccer game is pretty naive.

    TFC might be crap on the field (I swear they’re improving though!), but at least they don’t arrest fans for swearing.