Red Bull’s GM Erik Soler Blasts MLS Refs

Red Bull’s GM Erik Soler Blasts MLS Refs

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 20, 2011
  • Erik Soler, Poor Officiating

Thierry Henry was red carded last night in Portland. (Getty Images)

If you watched even a few seconds of last night’s Portland-New York match you saw how horrible the refs are in Major League Soccer right now. New York Red Bull GM Erik Soler was upset and released this statement below about last night’s game.

“We have carefully reviewed the film of our match against Portland last night and I can safely say that the level of refereeing was absolutely below the standards of what is required for a MLS match and completely unacceptable. First, the red card given to Thierry Henry was inexplicable. There was no violent conduct on his part whatsoever and this decision was made by a linesman who was more than half a field away. Second, in any soccer game, there is no way that one team can draw 20 more fouls than the other team, especially in a match where one team drew just five fouls. I have never seen this occur in my 30 years in the game.

We are aware that U.S. Soccer and MLS are working hard to improve the officiating in this country and we support those efforts wholeheartedly. However, if we want to continue increasing the level of play, we cannot let these types of refereeing performances occur. We look forward to speaking with the League to appeal Thierry’s automatic red card suspension and expect that it will be rescinded so that he is available for our match Thursday in Seattle.”

We’re seeing more and more players, coaches, and now GMs talk about the refs. The league and the USSF need to do something here. Too many games this season have been changed because of the refs and how they handle situations.