And We’re Back

And We’re Back

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 20, 2011
  • 2011 MLS Season, 2011 Week 14, 2011 Week 15, What We Learned

I must admit, last week was a good thing. Getting away from writing for a week was exactly what I needed. I thought going into the vacation that I’d be around internet connect or cell phone service but where me and my wife and her family stayed in the mountains of Colorado was anything but that. No cell service or internet connect at our house that we rented. None. Instead we had to drive at least 10 minutes just to get cell service, which turned out to be an interesting thing for most of us.

I won’t lie to ya, all I’ve seen over the last two weeks are score lines to the last two weeks worth of games and a few notes here and there. Players are starting to move around a little bit in the transfer season, teams are still dealing with the Gold Cup callups and after it was all said and done these past two weekends of me being gone the leaders are still the same. LA hasn’t given up their lead while Dallas is still trying to close in on them.

After catching up on things this morning here’s where we stand:

Davies still creating controversy, refs still blowing calls. Yeah, his dive against Real Salt Lake was a little embarrassing for the league. That kind of crap shouldn’t happen but lets not forget the ref had the power to call it what it was, a dive, and didn’t do it in the end.

Still what Charlie Davies is doing is bringing headlines to the league. Good and bad ones. While I’m not a fan of his diving in the league, I am a fan of people talking about things here. Sometimes press is good even when its bad.

Sporting starting to dig themselves out. Well, they didn’t get their first win at home but when they went back out on the road two weekends ago in Dallas they put an impressive stamp on their road trip from hell (11 of first 12 games on the road) by beating FCD 4-1. Pretty crazy. Then they go back home and beat San Jose 1-0. Two wins in a row is a nice start and oddly enough this team hasn’t lost in a few weeks. They’re still at the bottom of the league table but I don’t expect them to be there that much longer. With games in hand it may not be too crazy to think that they could catch up to some teams in the Eastern Conference.

Portland continues to tumble. First their coach, John Spencer, gets fined and suspended for comments about the refs and then last night they blow a 3-1 lead to New York at home to extend their winless streak to four. Ouch. We shouldn’t be too shocked though as they are still an expansion team and they could easily be just going through a summer slump. As deep as the Western Conference is they better find a way to re-group here.

The US struggles then dominates Jamaica. I guess all the US needed to do was just get out of their group and face someone like Jamaica in the Gold Cup. As bad as some of the games have been I think this wake up call is a great thing for US Soccer. It shows there is still a lot of work to do to get to the top of the CONCACAF mountain.

And more to come…yeah I’m still getting back in the swing of thing. I know I missed a lot last week so just bare with me here.