You Be The Judge: PK Or Not A PK For Sporting Kansas City

You Be The Judge: PK Or Not A PK For Sporting Kansas City

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 10, 2011
  • Bratislav Ristic, Omar Bravo

I’ve debated this all afternoon with some fellow writers at SBNation. I see it both ways really. Sporting Kansas City’s Omar Bravo definitely sold the foul by Chicago’s¬†Bratislav Ristic. Thing is the PK didn’t get called and the game ended in a 0-0 draw like we all know.

So I ask you, the WVH faithful, is this a PK or not? The defender in me says no but I can easily see why Bravo and KC were upset as Ristic definitely got plenty of Bravo in this challenge. A millisecond later and this is probably one of those nasty tackles we’re talking about that takes out yet another star in this league.

So, you be the judge.

  • Quitdiving

    nope, got the ball. 

    • saverio

      How can you say he got the ball. Look carefully at the video. The ball continues on a straight path from which the ball carrier was moving. At most all the defender did was maybe touch the ball. It was a reckless tackle committed in desperation. Its has to be a PK and red card. Send these referees packing. The level of officiating at too many MLS games has been abysmal.

  • Forloveofdonuts

    Great tackle! No foul.

  • Watching Bravo get stretchered off the field after the match was over was enough for me. Yeah, I’m biased, but that’s a PK. Studs up, reckless, goal scoring chance, NO ball (he go ball, really!?). Only Kennedy and his “MLS is a physical league” ways would let that go. Figures.

  • Martek

    That is a PK. I am sick to the teeth of these fouls not getting called because “Hey, he went for the ball.” Well son, you did indeed go for that ball, and got it, but you got quite a bit of the man too, and that’s where we have a bit of a problem, you see.

    This whole thing is like when my kids break something and say “I didn’t mean to.” He was going for the ball, but he got Bravo in the box, no question about it. It’s a PK.

  • Compared to the dive by Meram against RSL, which was called a PK, this was “red card banned for life” PK call.

    Come on MLS refs, make up your mind.

  • Adnan7631

    He hardly got any of the ball and loads of Bravo. Should have been a PK