Philadelphia Union Wanting To Squeeze In Big Friendly

Philadelphia Union Wanting To Squeeze In Big Friendly

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 18, 2011
  • 2011 World Football Challenge, Real Madrid

Philadelphia and Seattle could battle at a later date if the Union get their way. (Getty Images)

It is that time of year again, the summer of friendlies here in America. Major League Soccer is doing things bigger and better this year by scrapping the worthless SuperLiga tournament in place of the World Football Challenge. While there hasn’t been much said as of the format of the tournament goes, a couple MLS teams are playing in it against some big time European teams. Already the LA Galaxy, Vancouver Whitecaps, Chicago Fire and the New England Revolution are playing their part in the revamped summer friendly tournament.

Now the Philadelphia Union want in. And in a big way against Spanish giants Real Madrid.

You can’t blame them either because they have no summer schedule other than their MLS slate to deal with here. Getting some extra cash from a big friendly would be huge for the second-year club.

But it would come at a cost you see. Getting that friendly with Real Madrid would come at the hands of the Seattle Sounders. Seattle is scheduled to play the Union on July 23 at Qwest Field, the same day that the Union would like to play Real Madrid. The Sounders have a lighter schedule later in the season due to their possible participation in the CONCACAF Champions League, not to mention their hopes of winning the US Open Cup again this fall, so they could stand to move the game to October 8.

Let’s just go a head and say the Seattle fans are not happy about this. Nor should they be. What may help them out is a scheduled football game at Qwest on that open date in October.

I can see both sides of the argument here. Philly wants the high profile game while Seattle would rather keep their schedule the way it is in order to put themselves in the best spot at competing in the CCL this fall (should they make the group stage again).

Should Seattle cave and move the Union’s visit to Qwest to a later date?

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  • dizzo

    No – The Sounders shouldn’t move the game unless it’s in their best interests to do so. This is a friendly that has a very small benefit to the league as a whole.  I’d be okay with accommodating a change of schedule if it was for a tournament game that could potentially benefit the league. 

    I expect it will get moved though. SUM will want the extra exposure and the league office owes one to Philly for moving their dates to accommodate RSL. The loser of that deal with be Central Washington whom was scheduled to play a battle in Seattle there. They’ll probably have to cancel on what is probably a significant game for them.