Houston Ramps Up Texas Rivalry With New Ad

Houston Ramps Up Texas Rivalry With New Ad

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 18, 2011

Kudos Houston, kudos. After placing a billboard in Dallas saying they are two times better, the Houston Dynamo marketing folks put this little ad together. Well done.

We’re still waiting on FC Dallas to bring a response to the table. The clock is ticking Dallas, come on!

  • That is one harsh ad! But it’s also really funny. I love the rivalry they are building up. It’s always great to see some banter going on between the clubs.

  • Geoff Reid


  • Robert

    There won’t be a retaliation ad.  All the things FCD could say would be considered poor taste: pollution, obesity, and murder rates aren’t something you bring up in a sports rivalry conversation.  But hey, Houston has more people inside its city limits, so congrats to them!