Soccer Night In America? Really?

Soccer Night In America? Really?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 3, 2011
  • Fox Soccer

Apparently Fox Soccer is trying to make their commitment to Major League Soccer a little more legit.

FSC will debut its new “Soccer Night in America” telecast on Friday night, when the Portland Timbers play host to the Philadelphia Union (10 pm ET).

The new show will include redesigned, state-of-the-art graphics to headline the new look, along with a fresh set design, slow-motion camera technology and a style that migrates FOX Soccer closer to its network family. “Soccer Night in America’s” enhanced studio set features a cutting edge, contemporary design, a new logo and graphics that more closely match broadcasts throughout FOX Sports properties.

The new graphics package incorporates Vizrt technology, which provides digital, real-time 3D and virtual graphic displays, and super slow-motion cameras in match telecasts.

The upgrades sound nice and all but the name is lacking in any sort of originality here. Does Soccer Night In America really make you eager to turn on FSC on Fridays? Eh, for me it doesn’t. The commitment to the MLS broadcasts sound great but it seems like the name of the program was their last item to come up with and they just winged it.

Will these items really make a difference in how FSC actually broadcasts a game? Possibly but I’m not going to hold my breath just yet until I see it this week. This channel still has a long way to go in how they present games to viewers. I will say having JP Dellacamera and Kyle Martino on the broadcast has helped a lot though this season.

What do you make of FSC’s push here? Better or will it just be all talk here? Also, can you come up with a better name for their show?



  • May 3 2011
Both Fox and ESPN have copped that moniker from CBC's Hockey Night in Canada to use for various programs. Hard to get too bent out of shape about it. I'm more interested in the programming upgrade and integration into the broader Fox sports promotion. That could be significant for MLS.
Josiah Rhodes
  • May 3 2011
sounds like they're trying to borrow from the NFL's Football Night in America name. i don't hate it. i would hope though, that either FSC or ESPN would show more than one game in a day. i think that more than anything would go a long way to helping bring the game to the masses. there's no reason they can't show an earlier east coast game and a later west coast game in the same day. and FSC needs to really do something about their HD. the games look terrible compared to ESPN.
  • May 3 2011
Until these matches are on FOX, and not FOX Soccer Channel, it's really not gonna matter much (to the non-Euro snob American).
Colin Johnson
  • May 3 2011
I find the name to be a bit silly but who really cares what they call it as long as they are showing MLS on national TV. Friday night is perfect as there never really is anything good on TV. FSC in HD isn't that bad as long as you have an HD signal (almost impossible w/o sat TV). If we viewers watch it more it will give MLS leverage when they negotiate the contract again in the off season. If you really want this league to grow we need to watch it on a national level.
Jc F
  • May 3 2011
Gay. Especially from a station that plays nothing but soccer every night.
  • May 3 2011
But the most important question is: will there be a CG robotic soccer player to welcome me back from halftime?