RSL Brings Home A Draw

RSL Brings Home A Draw

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 21, 2011
  • 2010/11 CCL

Javier Morales scored a late goal to keep RSL even. (Photo via Real Salt Lake)

If any Major League Soccer club were going to be able to secure points in Mexico, it was always going to be Real Salt Lake. It wasn’t a win but it kind of was. The 2-2 draw thanks to a late goal by Javier Morales sends RSL back to the States with a nice advantage. With the away goals in effect, having two big goals like that away from Rio Tinto Stadium firmly put RSL in the driver’s seat.

It didn’t come without some draw backs though. RSL will be without Kyle Beckerman for the second and final leg of the series. Replacing him won’t be easy but RSL is the deepest squad in MLS for a reason. They should do just fine.

RSL battled back twice in this game last night against Monterrey. They went down early in both periods of the game. But seeing their never say die attitude kick in, they found ways to get equalizers out of Nat Borchers and Morales.

I felt the Monterrey coach also hurt his club in his one by doing two early subs to take out one of their goal  scorers (De Nigris) and their captain (Luis Perez). Some were saying it was tactical, others saying injuries, and the rest saying because De Nigris picked up a yellow card for his goal celebration. Whatever you believe, it was an odd time for a double-dub and it likely costs Monterrey this match.

What did you make of RSL’s performance last night?