Who Needs Feilhaber The Most?

Who Needs Feilhaber The Most?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 19, 2011
  • 2011 Allocation Order, Benny Feilhaber

There sure has been a lot of buzz this morning about Benny Feilhaber and where he could end up with in Major League Soccer. From the sounds of things, the club with the first crack at him, Chivas USA, may pass on him all together.

If Chivas passes on him, it leaves a couple questions in my mind about them and about who will grab him next.

Is Chivas USA that cheap that they will pass on a quality attacking midfielder like this?

Answer in the short is yes. Either Robin Fraser doesn’t like the fit for his club, the club doesn’t want to pay his salary (which will likely be on the outside of a DP level contract), or they believe someone that better suits them is going to return to MLS this summer. All are likely reasons, and really you could combine them all together for why they could pass.

Why would Chivas not take him and then trade him?

Its possible the league doesn’t want a club to do something like this. Obviously MLS wouldn’t have signed Feilhaber if they didn’t believe there was some solid interest between the top five clubs in the allocation order. But they probably don’t want a club like Chivas to be able to stack the deck a little in their favor by signing someone that they don’t want and hoping a team over pays for him in the end.

Why doesn’t Chivas want him?

Maybe it isn’t a need Fraser is looking for at the moment. Which is lame. Chivas has lost 20 of their last 35 MLS games. Sometimes a club just needs to add a quality player for the sake of getting better as a club. Their chances in their attack will only improve with a guy like Feilhaber. Its a risk with plenty of reward kind of move if you ask me.

Who is in line next?

Well, as I’ve mentioned several times on here and on Twitter and on SBNation.com, Philadelphia is next in line. Peter Nowak has said they don’t want him but I’d be willing to bet he’d make room in a hurry for a player like this considering the Union attack wouldn’t be too bad off to add a playmaker like this. If Philly passes then it goes to New England and then Houston.

Who needs Feilhaber the most?

Honestly, Houston really could stand the most to gain here if Chivas passes. While I think Philadelphia and New England could bost find ways to use him, I don’t see either really pushing to make this move. The Union have a solid attack and the Revs already have someone like Shalrie Joseph doing this role. Houston on the other hand could use a playmaker for their attack.

If somehow it gets past Houston, then Toronto is next. You couldn’t tell me that the Reds couldn’t use an attacker like this on their roster right now.

What’s next?

Later today I’m going to post who got Feilhaber when the story breaks. I’m also hoping to get to a list of players that could be making their way back to MLS this summer.

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  • Apr 19 2011
I would love for the Rapids to make a trade for him, especially with Mastroeni winding down his career. Our lack of quality depth at CM is worrisome (as you can see form the recent Mastro injury). The 2 DCM setup has worked well for Coach Smith, but by adding Benny, even if Mastro is still around, we immediately give ourselves a solid 4-3-3 attacking dynamic as well. We wouldn't want Smith and Mullan to sit all the time, but it's nice to have options. -Cummings-Casey-Folan ----Felihaber----------- -Mastro--Ginja ninja--- -------Defense----------