Beckham Calls Out Refs, Can You Blame Him Though?

Beckham Calls Out Refs, Can You Blame Him Though?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 14, 2011
  • David Beckham

David Beckham had some tough comments about the officials. (Getty Images)

While in a way this is a little bit of a pot calling the kettle black but the comments made by LA Galaxy star David Beckham last night aren’t that bad really. Sure, he’ll likely get fined by the league and he knows that. I’d imagine he’s even cool with it as he had to get this off his chest last night:

“To be honest over the last few games I think I’ve spoke too much about referees,” Beckham said. “They’re becoming the stars of the MLS, and that’s obviously not what teams want and clubs want. You want the players to be playing out there. You want it to be fair. I just don’t think the consistency’s there. I think there’s bad calls, and we’ve had our majority of bad calls over the last few games, but it’s ruining games. It’s ruining our preparation for games. I’ll probably get in trouble, but it’s gone on too long. We want that consistency to be there, and we want to keep our players on the field.”

While most players and coaches don’t like talking about the officials because of the consequences that happen from doing so, Beckham is really one of the few that can probably get away with it in some form. Again, he’ll probably get fined by the league for these comments but at least someone is calling out the men in the middle.

I wrote last week over at that one ref became the star (in a bad way) of a game between the Vancouver Whitecaps and the New England Revolution. With so many cards being issued out this season, sure the players have some of the blame but so do the officials.

What do you all make of Beckham’s comments? Do you think the officials are getting too card happy this season?

  • Quakesfan

    I’m not a Beckham fan, but I agree completely with his assessment of the refs. But it’s nothing new (although maybe there are more cards early on than usual), and I don’t think anyone’s surprised that he’s fed up with it. It would be nice if the refs actually got better though.

  • ViperLA

    I am been posting now and then about how bad the USSF officials have been over the years and it keeps getting progressively worse as each year goes by which has been affecting the league negatively in the eyes of the fans, viewers, etc. I finally appreciated the fact that John Harkes had the balls to call out the ref last night about some of his calls (obviously this ref is more concerned about the shape of his body than the knowledge of the game), something the media is afraid to do in any professional sport. Plus, it was refreshing to get him to ask the question to Don Garber, the MLS Commissioner. It was quite amusing to hear Garber’s view on the officiating and how he deflects the issue to the Federation and that unfortunately they are not an employee of MLS but are required to use these refs, which goes to show that if MLS could probably employ their own refs things would be a lot different. I wish MLS could, because the USSF is a joke of an organization to begin with – bunch of cronies that sit on a board that do absolutely nothing and a figure head, Sunil Gulati, that spends more time on a plane traveling the world than to address the issues that plague the USSF. Maybe if more players, coaches, owners, media & fans spoke up about the deplorable officiating that goes on day by day, game by game, than the USSF & Canadian Federation as well may actually do something about the officiating.

  • Cannon Girl

    Becks is right and I agree w/ him 200%. The officiating in MLS is big fat joke!

  • Cannon Girl

    Becks is right and I agree w/ him 200%. The officiating in MLS is a big fat joke!