MLS Power Rankings: 2011 Week 4

MLS Power Rankings: 2011 Week 4

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 12, 2011
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Forgive me for the lack of updates yesterday. Real job and work at got in the way of getting anything else on here. Mostly it was the darn day job. What can you do huh?

Anyways, time to move on from week four in Major League Soccer. I know a couple clubs that are definitely looking forward to week five here. We saw a little more movement this week. I think both Seattle and Dallas are starting to come alive here after their slow starts. I bumped some clubs like New England down a decent bit, you’ll see why in a moment.

The big question right now is who wants to be in the top group with RSL. For me, right now it is RSL then everyone else. Colorado, LA, NY, and yes even Philly are still on the outside of that top area. We’ll know more this week when RSL and Colorado met in the Rocky Mountain Cup. Should RSL dominate that one, we’ll definitely know a good deal about where Colorado stands.

Feel free to give your thoughts below.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 3-0-0 9 pts. I’m not going to go all crazy over their record just yet or the fact that they can win with reserves. I’m just impressed, just totally impressive with them from top to bottom here.
2 (2) 3-1-0 9 pts. Ugly loss in Dallas but not nearly a big enough reason to bump them down just yet. They were without Pablo Mastroeni, which would have been a big change to the Dallas game in my mind.
3 (3) 2-1-2 8 pts. Should have won the D.C. game but sometimes that is the way things fall. But boy do they need to get a little more production out of Landon Donovan here. He’s been quiet so far this season for me.
4 (5) 3-1-0 9 pts. Defensively they are doing something right, only one goal in four games. That is nice stuff. Still, their offense has to come a little more alive than what they are doing right now. They can’t win every game 1-0 here.
5 (4) 1-1-2 5 pts. They haven’t been great this season I’ll give them that. Starting to feel like I am expecting too much out of this club.
6 (7) 1-1-2 5 pts. Their play at home is less than desireable at the moment but seeing Simon Dawkins take the pressure off Chris Wondolowski is good to see.
7 (6) 1-1-1 4 pts. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I like this Diego Chaves. He’s scored a goal in each of the club’s first three games, making him the first person in club history to do that.
8 (9) 1-1-1 4 pts. No game but they got a slight bump due to other clubs around them. Nice to have a week off considering all the road games still left on the slate.
9 (13) 1-2-1 4 pts. Breaking out of their early funk had to be good to see. But most importantly I think Schellas Hyndman finally got a lineup he can get comfortable with here.
10 (14) 1-2-1 4 pts. Sigi Schmid will have some tough choices ahead when Fredy Montero returns this week. Does he keep Mauro Rosales in the lineup or does he go back to Montero right away. Honestly if he could work them both in together it could work out. I’d love to see Rosales serve up balls for Montero.
11 (10) 1-2-1 4 pts. Offensively this club still needs a bit of work. Saying that though their energy on the field is improving. Getting Perry Kitchen back in defense will only help matters out and if Bill Hamid can work himself into the starting role I think Ben Olsen’s side will move back up.
12 (8) 1-1-3 6 pts. Their results this past week spoke volumns for me. I don’t see how some folks can keep them higher than around here. Not winning in Vancouver while having a two-man advantage was tough to see. Then losing at home to a “B” squad shows Steve Nicol has a long way to go with this club.
13 (11) 1-2-1 4 pts. The Crew really aren’t as good as their record suggests. Defensively they are going to be tough to handle this season but until their offense comes alive they’ll continue to be down here for me.
14 (15) 1-1-2 5 pts. Nice outburst by the Dynamo. Big reason was Brad Davis finally getting some help and space in the midfield to create.
15 (12) 1-2-2 5 pts. Did you realize this club has already given up double-digit goals on the season? Time to fix that, and the red cards to Eric Hassli.
16 (16) 1-1-1 4 pts. I do believe Toronto is starting to turn the tide here, I just wonder if they have enough depth to really push for it once the Canadian Cup games roll around.
17 (17) 0-2-1 1 pts. Big week ahead for the Timbers, their first two home games. I can’t wait for them.
18 (18) 0-2-2 2 pts. Until they get someone to drive their offense they’ll barely sniff any other spot but this one.
  • Andrew

    philly is 3-1 and has 9 points

    • Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Records are always the last thing I update and I guess I skipped over them.