This story is starting to take off a bit today. Sporting Kansas City has done something a little different yet again. Today, they announced the hiring of 21-year old British broadcaster Callum Williams to be their lead play-by-play voice for the 2011 season.

First off a 21-year old broadcaster is a bold hire for one and secondly hiring a Brit to be the voice of the club is also interesting.

I’ll admit I like clubs that think outside the box. But saying that, this move could rub people the wrong way just because it is a MLS club hiring a Brit to do their broadcasts just because it may sound better. To me, it doesn’t matter. Speaking from a former broadcasters point of view, if the guy is good (which I think he will be) then he deserves the gig no matter where he is from.

The one worry I have is his knowledge of MLS and KC in general. That kind of thing will take some time to learn even if he is a soccer guy. But according to the link above, he aced his KC test when he was being interviewed for the position.

But take a listen for yourself here. I like the sound and I will admit I am curious to check out the KC-Chivas game this weekend now because of him.

Callum Williams by SportingKC