You know on Saturday I saw this tweet and really didn’t think too much of it. I blame my busy day at Pizza Hut Park on brushing it aside and leaving it to no comment but it turns out that tweet (and probably a few other things not being reported) are likely causing the Columbus Crew to trade midfielder Robbie Rogers.

Yup, according to SBI, the Crew are seeking a trade partner for Rogers. Rogers re-tweeted that comment made after not making the starting lineup against D.C. United last Saturday at RFK Stadium. Crew head coach Robert Warzycha has tried to downplay the situation, stating that Dilly Duka had beaten out Rogers for the starting role against United.

SBI didn’t have any details on a trade for Rogers but I’m sure a couple teams will be lining up for the young left winger. I could see maybe FC Dallas, New England, or maybe Chivas or Portland.

I have a feeling this is just the start of some stories that could come out of Columbus about Rogers and the club. Something tells me players are respecting Warzycha and his management style, which is leading them to do things like this. Columbus didn’t look great in week one against D.C. but they didn’t look terrible either. Rogers is a guy that they have to lean on this season for offense and even for some leadership.

What do you make of this news out of Columbus? Are things this bad that the few veteran players left over from last year are upset enough to find their ways out?