SuperLiga Out, WFC In

SuperLiga Out, WFC In

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 30, 2011
  • 2011 World Football Challenge, Don Garber, SuperLiga

Yesterday’s press conference about the World Football Challenge finally shed some much needed light on the fate of the summer tournament between MLS and FMF, otherwise known as SuperLiga. MLS Commissioner Don Garber said that the new WFC tournament came together because of SuperLiga, while the CONCACAF Champions League was more of the determining factor to not continue SuperLiga.

“This is a transition,” Garber told “SuperLiga was a great tournament which served its purpose during its time.

“CONCACAF got more and more committed to a continental tournament with the Champions League, which we’re very supportive of. It has delivered the value we intended [in SuperLiga] to put our teams against the best competition in this region.”

There, finally, the announcement we’ve been waiting to hear. SuperLiga is no more. While Garber said the new WFC tournament is meant to be more of an additive to SuperLiga rather than a replacement, we all can read between the lines on that one. The WFC will certainly bring in better clubs, which will bring in higher gate numbers for the clubs and hosts involved. This was always a struggle with SuperLiga and the league and it’s clubs had to have seen that over the course of the tournament.

It seems now that the summers will be packed with a couple MLS clubs hosting teams like Barcelona and Manchester United instead of playing teams down in the middle of the FMF standings. In a way you want your clubs to be able to beat up on FMF clubs at any point but there is something to be said about playing competition like Barcelona once in the summer. I’m fairly sure most fans and players would agree, they’ll get more out of a game with Barcelona than they would a game with Atlas.

  • Rex

    I am cool with the WFC but I hope it includes some Mexican teams.