ESPN Previews The 2011 MLS Season

ESPN Previews The 2011 MLS Season

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 9, 2011
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You can tell the season is close, even ESPN is getting on board in the previews. Below is their season preview on video, a nice long video preview at that.

Toronto as a surprise team Max Bretos? Really?

  • Hmcgee24

    First of all, im a huge fan of MLS but the media needs too give up on LA and NYC. We always get the same from them and what we see from everyone else is always exciting!

    • metrohooligan

      NY and LA have the biggest markets, the fanbase isn’t as great as people think, its not like LA and NY have sellouts every game. A lot is invested in these two markets especially with their DP players. These two teams really spearhead the league. Places like Seattle and now Portland, Vancouver really dont need much of the media hype, because the fans there will come out, but with NY and LA especially with so many other things going on sports wise , these two cities could use the hype. It would be silly not to market the teams in the league that have players like Beckham, Donovan, Henry etc.