FC Dallas Set To Sign 18 Year Old Castillo

FC Dallas Set To Sign 18 Year Old Castillo

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 7, 2011
  • Fabian Castillo

Big props to my colleague Daniel over at Big D Soccer for staying on top of this story all last week. Late last night he broke the news that FC Dallas is indeed set on signing 18-year old Colombian striker Fabian Castillo. Reports out of Colombia all week suggested the signing was close to happening but Futbolred of Colombia was able to nail down some comments from both Castillo and his club’s president, saying he is now apart of FC Dallas.

Of course FC Dallas has yet to comment on the story. From things I’ve gathered last week, a lot of this situation deals with Castillo’s paperwork getting sorted out before he becomes a member of FC Dallas.

The Colombian U20 International forward joins Dallas on a reported three year contract. Dallas is reportedly paying $700,000 for half of Castillo’s rights. It may see a bit odd for a club like Dallas to be paying any sort of transfer fee on a player, especially a young and slightly unproven player like this.

More than likely this kid won’t be paid $700k or even half of that amount this season in Dallas. He’s too young and inexperienced for a large contract in MLS like that. Instead, I had a good feeling he’ll fall in the $150-200k range, with the likelihood of it falling more in the lower end of that range. He’ll probably make that amount for the three years he is reportedly signing with Dallas for and just like that he’s earned anywhere between $450-600k. Something tells me that the club will actually be paying the difference between that amount and that $700-800k that has being thrown around in these reports. (Edit: Just noticed Buzz Carrick say something similar on his blog, so it’s probably a pretty good bet.)

This will be a very interesting week for Dallas as they return to town and will likely have to face the local media about this story for the first time since it broke last week. Keep an eye on Big D Soccer for more as Daniel will likely be very on top of things there.

If you’re curious as to why Dallas will sign such a young player, give this a read as well.

Update: Need more proof? Check out this tweet from FCD technical director Barry Gorman from last night. “Tomorrow will be a revealing day.” …interesting huh?