The Vegas Stadium Dream

The Vegas Stadium Dream

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 1, 2011
  • Las Vegas Expansion, MLS Expansion, Stadium Talk

Good gravy, now that is some stadium porn. Wow. You have to give some credit where it is due, when people dream big out in the desert, they really do dream big. This insane, $1.6 billion, yes billion, price tag for a sports complex is designed to attract a MLB team, a NBA team, a NFL team, and even a MLS team.

The article linked above admits that Major League Soccer is the most likely candidate for playing in the big stadium shown in these images.

TheĀ official proposal (.pdf) for the multi-facility Las Vegas National Sports Center is rather impressive. Give it a read if you have some time.

I’ve talked recently about Vegas and their potential MLS dream. According to the article, the price tag for the complex also includes costs to buy a team. Now, they mention a NBA team in that reference, so I’d imagine they’ve also taken in account for a MLS expansion price tag. If they want to get down to cutting some of this price tag down a MLS expansion fee would be so much cheaper than courting a NBA team for instance (they say the price includes costs to spend $500 million for a NBA team!).

Okay, enough talk, time for some more stadium photo love.


  • Mar 1 2011
the U.S. should have done this for the World Cup, maybe 2026.But MLS should look into this, this would be the best SSS in the MLS.......that is some sweet ass pie. The NFL will not go to Las Vegas, NBA yes, so its a battle between NBA and MLS, c'mon MLS start making moves. This league should expand to 24,25 or 26 teams but anyways, the soccer stadium is the one without the track right. This would make me road trip to the dirty LV.....hey WV is this a real plan or just some dude popping this on the web
  • Mar 1 2011
Sin City FC
  • Mar 2 2011
I've got news for everyone: this sports complex is not going to be built. But at least the guy who thought of this idea did get the attention he was seeking.
  • Mar 4 2011
If this stadium deal comes to reality then this would be the prefect home for MLS soccer and especially Chivas USA. The demogrphics of Las Vegas are the prefect storm for the MLS and specificily Chivas. I believe the projeted completion date for the big stadium would be in 2013. This would be prefect timing, since Chivas' lease with HDC will have expired, making this their ulimate home. Can we say "CD Chivas Las Vegas", only time will tell.