USOC Qualifying Pairing Released

USOC Qualifying Pairing Released

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 28, 2011
  • 2011 US Open Cup, 2011 USOC

The lovely (yes that is sarcasm) qualifying round for the 2011 edition of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup has been announced (per Soccer Insider Steve Goff). While theĀ Seattle Sounders, the Los Angeles Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, FC Dallas, the New York Red Bulls and the Columbus Crew, all wait until early June for their third round match-ups, the rest of the MLS teams (minus the two Canadian clubs of course) must go through qualifying. I love how Goff put it, the Open Cup isn’t totally open to all MLS clubs.

The pairings:

First stage
D.C. United vs. Philadelphia Union
Chivas USA vs. Portland Timbers

Second stage
DCU-Philly winner vs. New England
Chivas-Portland winner vs. San Jose
Colorado Rapids vs. Chicago Fire
Sporting Kansas City vs. Houston Dynamo

Third stage
Chivas-Port-SJ winner vs. Colorado-Chicago winner
DCU-Philly-NE winner vs. KC-Houston winner

MLS will conduct coin tosses today to determine the host clubs. Teams must then mutually agree on the date.

Thought: The first round pairing of DC-Philly sounds interesting. After that its kind of a crap shoot to tell if any MLS club in these rounds will even care about this tournament other than say D.C. United.

  • It will be interesting to see if Portland will care about it. Obviously Seattle has cared where other teams have used it as an opportunity to give their 2nd squad some playing time. I couldn’t care less for the US Open Cup and would hope that the Timbers don’t exert themselves too much, but they may try to keep pace with Seattle on this one. Recently, during one of the weekly Timbers radio shows, the host asked fans what the most important cup/tournament/title was and surprisingly (to me) the US Open Cup ranked fairly high.

  • Python6114

    Itzs not like seattle used all their starters in the open cup. They just play a little better line up in the semis and the first string in the finals. If other teams play reserves in a cup final then thereks a problem with them.

    Anyway I expect all former usl teams to take it seriously especially if there’s consistent ownership like in portland.

    I expect after going back to back there’ll be more incentive for teams to compete. Coaches and owners are competative they won’t stand by and let seattle continue to win trophy after trophy.

    Mls says americans love playoffs and upsets I guess I don’t see why this tourny is more respected, but it’s getting there.