Proof SuperLiga Could Be Done?

Proof SuperLiga Could Be Done?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 11, 2011
  • 2011 SuperLiga

While the official league stance is still “we’re reviewing our options” when it comes to the SuperLiga tournament. Yesterday’s schedule release should show that the tournament could definitely be on it’s way out.

Look at the schedules of the potential participating clubs for this season. The Columbus Crew, the New York Red Bulls, the San Jose Earthquakes and Real Salt Lake all have full weekend slates between the months of July and August. Last year’s tournament was held during the middle part of July and finished up in early September (a month after the semifinal games). Group games last year were played from the 14th through the 21st, starting on a Wednesday and finishing the following Wednesday.

With weekends full for each of these four clubs this year you have to think the only way a SuperLiga could be played again this season is if they did one game a week on a Wednesday or Tuesday. That could be tough considering in July a couple teams have mid-week games as wel. The tournament would almost have to either start a month sooner and/or only have a group game played once a week. Both may not work with the Mexican teams that would be in it.

Throw in the potential US Open Cup games for these four clubs and you have some real loaded schedules in that timeframe. To me it just seems like there is no possible way a tournament could be held if they are requiring teams participating in it from MLS to play three games in a stretch of seven days to get this tournament in.

Even though the league is still reviewing things here for SuperLiga I think its just time to throw in the towel. The schedule says it all for me that they already have.

  • QuakesFan

    What’s really ridiculous is the Quakes already have 3 strings of seven days with 3 games within two months (July 2,6,9; July 16,20,23; July 30, August 3,6 ). That’s a killer no matter who you are. I don’t think they can manage adding in a game between the 9th and 16th or between the 23rd and 30th…

  • ThomasK

    Superliga needs to transform into Concacaf’s version of Uefa’s Europa League. The winners can then play the winners of Concacaf’s Champions League in a Super Cup replacing the laughable ‘all-star’ game.

    But this is more about the ongoing power struggle between private corporations and representative associations organised within the regional confederation.

    SuperLiga was a joint venture between MLS’ SUM and the Mexican federation, but without the inclusion of Canadian, Caribbean or central American league teams it just wasn’t a legitimate tournament.