Ryan Guy Looking To Come Home

Ryan Guy Looking To Come Home

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 7, 2011


I missed this Yanks Abroad article from a couple weeks ago. I blame the snow.

Former FC Dallas SuperDraft pick Ryan Guy wants to come back home to the US after a of couple successful seasons abroad in Ireland with St. Patrick’s Athletic.

“My first choice is to play for a west coast team in MLS but really, just whoever needs a wide midfielder,” he concluded. “I know this is going to be a long process but my immediate goal is to play in MLS and my lofty goal is to catch the eyes of the national team which I think can help me meet my long-term goal of playing for one of the main European clubs.”

In four years at St. Pat’s, Guy appeared in 132 matches for the Saints and scored a total of 24 goals. He turned into a bit of a legend there. He scored a critical away goal in a victory over JFK Olimps Riga in the first qualifying round of the 2008 UEFA Cup. It was St. Pat’s first ever victory away from home in European play.

Now I haven’t heard if there are any clubs interested in Guy or even what the process will be for him to get in MLS this time around. Dallas does not hold his right anymore from what I can gather but with MLS its hard to tell if that is really the case. I’d imagine after four years of being away that Dallas couldn’t hold his rights any longer.

I doubt the allocation system is a place he’ll go too. My bet he will be some sort of “discovery” signing by some club. Those things are always a mystery to me.

I could see a club like Chivas USA or San Jose being a good fit for him. He’d love to stay out west like he said and those are the two clubs that could use a quality right winger.

What do you think, could Ryan Guy be a good fit somewhere in MLS?

(Update: Probably should have checked this out before writing this but Guy is on trial with Portland at the moment. If he signs we’ll let you know.)