More Reasons To Keep Calendar Like It Is

More Reasons To Keep Calendar Like It Is

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 6, 2011
  • Schedules

I really meant to talk about this a couple days ago when weather in Dallas was really like the photo above. Still, better late than never when there is still snow in my front yard and a nice layer of ice underneath it. In fact Steve Davis got me thinking about it again.

But the thought of ever moving the Major League Soccer calendar to a winter schedule terrifies the living hell out of me. At this point there would only be one, maybe two (hell three if the league ever does go back to Florida) places games would actually be decent to sit through in the winter.

I know snow and ice storms aren’t a yearly thing for places like Dallas and Houston but this year has to be proof that there is no need for a switch in schedule for MLS. With teams having to practice indoors just to get out of the cold and fields being frozen over should tell you that its not worth moving to.

Want to sit through Snowageddon in Kansas City or Chicago right now? Uh, no thank you. Throw in places like Montreal, Toronto, New England and there is no way MLS fans will want to sit through games in winters like this one.

I agree with Davis, time for Don Garber to step up and say “you know what, that fall-to-spring calendar idea just isn’t for us. We’ll take our chances at growing this league with the schedule we have right now.” I think it also helps that a few EPL managers recently were in favor of a switch to the MLS-style calendar and if that Qatar World Cup is played in the winter some countries may have to do it anyways. Win for MLS.

Okay rant over, go enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday now.

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    The MLS, like all sports leagues, are trying to attracted the casual fan. With the NFL, college football, college basketball, the NBA, and the NHL beginning in the fall, there is no way the MLS can compete. Like you, I wish people with eurosnob intentions stop complaining for a fall-spring schedule.

  • But couldn’t you have a few weeks winter break like many other leagues do, and as well as that have southern teams have an intentional build up of spare home games which are played during the winter, and the reverse true for the northern teams. This may be an oversimplification, and would cause some places to not have a home game for possibly 2 months but if you had a 3 weekend winter break, alongside the worst affected teams having played 3 extra home games before playing 3 away games in a row, then the 3 week winter break, then 3 more away games and you’ve almost completely avoided the winter being played in the worst places, and kept the league going pretty steady throughout.

    • The thing about winter breaks make no sense for MLS though. It’s a momentum killer for one. Secondly it’s far too complicated of and idea to schedule around as you have to make sure you have enough warm weather teams getting home games before and after the break to be sure there are no games in wintery conditions. This past week the league could have only played games in LA. One city, and that would be the case most years. You can’t have that.

      • I wasn’t saying my suggestion is the best way forward just that there are alternatives. A winter break might be a momentum killer but is it more of a momentum killer than pausing for a world cup, gold cup or confederations cup. And surely the current system is a momentum killer for the teams that would be playing champions league games knockout games at the end of the season. The league has to be scheduled one way or another anyway.

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