House Cleaning and What Nots

House Cleaning and What Nots

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 1, 2011
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I’ve been a bad blogger. Last week I began writing over at on the family of blogs. Its a new venture for me and one that centers solely on FC Dallas.

I failed to bring it up over here though. For one I am sorry for lagging behind on that front.

What does it mean for this place though? Nothing really. I’ll still pop out MLS-related items each day that I can and provide you with my usual thoughts and opinions on the issues and news at hand.

To get the hype machine up on what’s been going on over at BigDSoccer, here are a few links to some stories and posts I’ve put up.

News and Notes: Feb 1

Practice Update

Status Update Before Start of Preseason

Third Kits and FCD

Head on over there and check things out. If you aren’t familiar with the SBnation of soccer blogs do yourself a favor and check out the MLS related ones and Steve Davis’s blog as well. All are worth a read. I know they are close to getting blogs that cover each MLS club though they are looking for a few good writers to cover Chivas USA, the LA Galaxy, the Columbus Crew (?) and I believe Toronto FC.

I may begin writing more down the road for the main’s MLS section. We’ll see how this FCD stuff goes first before I make that addition to my daily writing. But again this is still my home and first priority in writing.

That’s it, carry on.

– Drew