Pan-Pacific Back On For 2012?

Pan-Pacific Back On For 2012?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 26, 2011
  • Pan Pacific Championship

While I’ve been fairly vocal on the idea of getting rid of the SuperLiga tournament, one other tournament involving MLS clubs could be back on the menu for 2012. The Pan-Pacific tournament could be kick started again for 2012 if ESPN, MLS and other Asian leagues all get back on board with it.

The Star is reporting that ESPN is behind the international tournament in Hawaii and there are development plans in the works for a tournament in March of 2012.

Rapidly developing plans call for a two-day event at Aloha Stadium in March 2012, according to people familiar with the venture but not authorized to speak at this time.

The concept would include a representative from Major League Soccer, Korea’s K-League, Japan’s J. League and Australia’s A-League.

Discussions have also reportedly been held with representatives from China, but that might be a longer shot, people involved said.

ESPN International would carry the competition overseas, and one of the ESPN platforms would likely provide the domestic portion.

I like the idea of this tournament more than SuperLiga to be honest. Sure playing Mexican teams and building that rivalry between MLS and FMF is important but this tournament doesn’t involve putting more strain on the MLS schedule for those involved. Its a pre-season tournament to be exact, one I can wrap my head around a little more.

The tournament had a decent two-year run a couple years ago but no MLS club saw success in it.

What do you think of adding another pre-season tournament to the MLS slate for one (or two) MLS teams? Teams already go to Arizona and Florida in the pre-season so why not add Hawaii to the mix?

  • David

    I’m for it. Pre-season tournaments are great. It’s good for the teams to work on getting fit for the upcoming season. Being only 2 days it would be fairly low stress and a quick opportunity to bring some hardware home. SuperLiga is a joke.

  • jrocc

    i guess it’s fine as a preseason tourney as long as it’s not too long. my problem with SuperLiga is the redundancy with CCL.

  • preseason is as pre season does.

  • Chris Hockman

    One of the biggest issues with this was the timing – Right in the middle of the A-League playoffs meaning that the A-League sends a team that was closer to the bottom of the table than the top, they’d need to change that to see any A-League participation really.

    What I’d love to see is an All Stars tournament, MLS V A-League V J-League V K-League